PREMIERE: Watch “Sibelius nuorena” by Valtter Vin now!

Watch it here first! Starting today, you can exclusively stream the brand new video for Valtter Vin‘s latest single “Sibelius nuorena“!

The video was directed by Juha Ilmari Laine, starring Valtter Vin as Jean Sibelius and you can take this opportunity to watch the video in advance before the official release on March 15th. Spoiler alert: The song is amazingly catchy and Finland’s greatest post-romantic composer goes on a rampage!

Valtter Vin is the solo project of 29-year-old Valtteri Väänänen. Vild Music released his debut album in 2015 but the project has blossomed into a more band-driven affair with the newest instalment, the Heroiini EP (released on 6 May 2019 on Australian run Finnish label and vinyl makers, Royal Mint Records).

Valtteri Väänänen is well known in Finland as the producer and mixer of French Films. In addition, he has produced and mixed for Vesta and Dallas Kalevala, among others. Currently, he also does live sound for Iisa, Teksti-TV 666 and Jesse Markin. Valtter Vin’s debut album songs have been used in Nokia and Vallila commercials. Valtteri is also the CEO of Lammaskallion Audio, a new production company and state of the art recording studio in Tuusula, Finland.

Sibelius Nuorena is the first single from the 6 track Heroiini EP released by Royal Mint Records. The song and entire EP is about the life of a drug addict and is dedicated to all addicts and their relatives.

Now, we don’t want to hold you back any longer, go and watch the video now – Again, that’s why you clicked this link in the first place, right? We know you!
But before we sign off, let us just add that Valtter Vin delivers one powerful experience with “Sibelius nuorena” and we’re honored to have it here. Who’s gonna check out the upcoming EP? We definitely will!  🙏🏻✨

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