Powerwolf – Preachers Of The Night


Released: 19.07.2013 GER

Powerwolf… A German/Romanian/Dutch band you surely heard about and their hit-album “Preachers Of The Night”.
The first time I heard something about and from this unique Power Metal band was at Masters Of Rock 2013 in Vizovice. They were honestly the best band playing on that festival with their strong stage presence.
And how did their latest album “Preachers Of The Night”, which was released on the 19th July 2013, impress me?

The first thing you’ll hear when inserting “Preachers Of The Night” into your CD player are the lead vocalist’s Attila Dorn’s powerful vocals and an epic guitar riff following. Yeah. This is how I want an album to start – with a song like “Amen & Attack”. There’s nothing else left to say.
After the first single “Amen & Attack” you’ll get to hear “Secrets Of Sacristy” with the intro reminding me a bit of some classic Heavy Metal, but changing into a Power Metal anthem, with a guitar interlude with some keyboard riffs by Falk Maria Schlegel. That one part really reminds me of Children Of Bodom, but everything changes when the classically trained vocalist joins in. I’m really fascinated by the “Hallelujah, Amen” parts in the verse of this song. In one part you will also hear some Latin, which isn’t unusual for this band, blending Power Metal with some Gothic elements. Another must-hear on this album.

Coleus Sanctus” kicks off with some epic choirs and again it’s clear that this song will be another bombastic piece from this album and you just gotta have a listen to this epic song, which happens to be the best on the record in my opinion.
The next song you’ll hear is entitled “Sacred & Wild”. The opening riff happens to remind me of something, or is it just me? It’s not as epic as the three previous songs, but still it has a high potential to stay in your mind.

Kreuzfeuer” brings some surprises with it. This piece as a whole is in German and makes the dark atmosphere of this album even more intense. And the chorus is just so epic, that I even started to sing along after the first time hearing it.
Powerwolf also proved with this one, that the German language would also fit their music.
Cardinal Sin”. The next track which now is in the pure vibe of Power Metal… Powerful drumming by Roel van Helden, riffs by the two guitar heroes Matthew and Charles Greywolf, who actually also records the bass lines since the band hasn’t got a bass player… Yes, Powerwolf go pure Power Metal. Still not bad and it still has that unique vibe you won’t find in this genre.
After “Cardinal Sin”, you’ll have “In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)”. Still not as overwhelming as the first half of the album, but still… Aren’t Attila Dorn’s vocals just… Fascinatingly epic?
Nochnoi Dozor”. Night Watch, if I’m not wrong. Yeah, I like that Powerwolf uses more languages in their songs. From English to Latin, German and now… Russian? Yes. As I already said, this song isn’t much groundbreaking, but still very enjoyable.

What I like about “Preachers Of The Night” is, that even if a song isn’t the best one on the album, it still doesn’t pull the enjoyment factor down. That’s another plus point for Powerwolf.
Lust For Blood” is another epic piece, though it would be somewhat better if the chorus would have a more interesting melody.
Extatum Et Oratum”… Somehow it seems that some songs are made like “epic intro and chorus – not that epic rest” and “Not that epic intro and chorus – epic rest”. But still, I have to point at that one thing I said about the enjoyment factor.

Preachers Of The Night” gets to its final gates with the song “Last Of The Living Dead”. A track lasting 7 minutes and 43 seconds, starting very mysteriously… Yes. This is another song worth hearing, even if it’s not as bombastic as the rest. The mild tempo change in the middle of it… Perfection.
The big disappointment follows when finding out that the actual song lasts around 3 minutes and 51 seconds. The rest of it being filled with wolf howls, thunderstorms and stuff… Too bad.


Powerwolf are finally an unique Power Metal band. Unique in their image and music as well, they also delivered a great album with “Preachers Of The Night”. I don’t have much to say about it, ‘cause the album itself is just something one has to hear at least once, but when you have to take every song to its details, you realize that the first half of “Preachers Of The Night” is just… Better. That’s just the way I hear it and I can’t help it.
I think that 9 from 10 points is an adequate rating for this piece which truly is one of the best ones released in the Metal category in 2013.

Personal favorites:

  • Amen & Attack
  • Secrets Of Sacristy
  • Coleus Sanctus
  • Kreuzfeuer


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman – July 2013, edited July 2014

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