Port Noir – Any Way The Wind Carries


Released: 01/04/2016 SWE

The Swedish Progressive Rockers Port Noir already surprised with their debut album “Pulse” in 2013 and now they’re back with “Any Way The Wind Carries”! One of our probably most anticipated records this year.
And what can you expect this time? Let us tell you!

Your first encounter will be the title track “Any Way The Wind Carries”. A grandiose opener which hints on a special album. You won’t get to know what to expect next and that makes it all more exciting.
Any Way The Wind Carries” is followed by “Earth” which will probably stay in your mind thanks to its bold bass line, “Vous et nous” being one of the first highlights of the album. Just take a listen to that chorus!

Black From The Ink” proves the fact Port Noir are one of the most unique bands in their style. Mixing Progressive Rock with slight Doom elements, but still managing to keep the whole thing up, making way to a modern approach to it all. We approve!
The single-track bears the name “Onyx” which already predicted that “Any Way The Wind Carries” is going to be very promising. Not all too different from the band’s previous studio effort “Pulse”, but still not the same thing.

Port Noir surprised me on “Diamond”. If you want to know more… Go and listen to it yourself.
Then we’ve got “Beyond The Pale” and “Fur, Rye”. Both very impressive pieces.
Exile” follows next just like a friendly hit to your face and at this point I’m really wondering if I should continue with this review… “Any Way The Wind Carries” is a very complex record and it’s not really easy to write something about it.

The Sleep” is a quite straight-forward track with an epic intermission, “Come What May” being just plain magical. I kinda like how this record leaves me speechless even after the sixth time listening to it.
The Oak Crown” will bring “Any Way The Wind Carries” to its finale. And damn, what a ride it is!
It’s a track that will show you the typical attitude of Port Noir. A track, that will sum up all your feelings about this record.



As I already mentioned earlier, Port Noir brought out a complex album which is everything but easy to describe. There’s a lot going on and you just have to spend time with the record to understand it. You actually have to concentrate on what you hear and that’s the most interesting part about the music. The more you listen to it, the better it gets.
It’s a truly impressive record that definitely exceeded my expectations.

Port Noir will be on tour in May and one of their stops will lead them to Munich, so if you have a chance to check them out… Do it! We’ll soon tell you more about this!

Personal Favorites:

  • Black From The Ink
  • Onyx
  • Diamond
  • Fur, Rye
  • Come What May

Take A Listen:




Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2016. 

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