Poets Of The Fall live in Munich

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How to bring a Dead Partner to tears


Disclaimer: This was written at 5 am. It’s not entirely a report, but not far.  

There’s always a reason to celebrate when a band from Finland heads over to Germany (or any other country we care about) for a tour. Let’s admit it, this year we’ve actually covered three Finnish live acts for you and hell, that’s not much.

Anyway, Poets Of The Fall had a stop in Munich’s coolest live venue STROM to promote their latest record “Clearview” (The Review can be found HERE), it was the very last show of 2016 for us and… Let’s just talk about what the mood was, okay?

I don’t really want to lose any words about Flight Brigade, the supporting act from the UK. It was semi-ok. Nothing groundbreaking. Three stars out of five. Cool. We’re not here to talk about supporting acts. At least not in this post.

Poets Of The Fall belong to the more popular Finnish bands in the German-speaking countries and I think you know that I don’t really expect much from bands that have a huge fanbase outside the Finnish borders. Don’t ask me why.
But well, this band happened to surprise me in every way possible. Not only have they perfectly introduced the audience to the new tracks of “Clearview”, they also included some older hit singles on the setlist. And then there was an over the top performance.
You can’t really tell how much enthusiasm and energy this band puts into their live shows if you haven’t seen it yourself. Believe me.

I’ll let you know that Poets Of The Fall was the second band whose live performance moved me to tears. As this doesn’t happen in 99% of the cases, I deeply appreciate that. It’s a bit of a reminder for me that I still have feelings. (Note: The first time this happened was in May 2015 at a show of another fellow Finnish band in Munich. Long time ago. Kinda.)
So yeah, I was fucking crying during “Carnival Of Rust” and it wasn’t because I had a nervous breakdown. This is probably the most personal thing I ever wrote.

But if you want to know whether this band is better live or in the studio… I’m not gonna tell you.
The records and live shows of Poets Of The Fall are pretty on par and I personally prefer the live version. There’s something that sucks you right in and makes you want to stay for the whole show. There’s something that makes it enjoyable for everyone.

This show was the last show of 2016 for Your Dead Partner and Poets Of The Fall made it by far the best show of the year. Thank you.

And thanks to Global Concerts! All of this wouldn’t happen without them!


From Salzburg with Love,
M. Nyman-Sramkova

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