Poets Of The Fall – Clearview


Released: 30/09/2016 FIN

2014 saw the release of the band’s sixth album “Jealous Gods” and now Poets Of The Fall are back with “Clearview”. So what should you expect from this record produced by Stefan Boman (known for his business with Kent)?
Your Dead Partner will tell you.

The opener is “Drama For Life” – check out the video here. A single-track, which made the expectations for “Clearview” very high. Let’s admit it… “Drama For Life” is catchy as fuck.
It goes on with “The Game” and here you can already hear some few Kent-ish elements, but the classic Poets Of The Fall attitude is still present and going strong.
Did you expect to hear some Synthpop from Poets Of The Fall? Of course you didn’t! “Child In Me” changes that and you can expect to hear the most beautiful chorus of “Clearview”.
See? Experiments never hurt!

Once Upon A Playground Rainy” follows and will remind you of the classic Poets Of The Fall sound as we all know it. Then we’ve got “Children Of The Sun” and here you can chill out a bit. Besides that, I heard a lot of Kent again. Is that a bad thing? Not at all!
It gets exciting with “Shadow Play”. A truly energetic track that will surely catch you with some of its hooks. “Clearview” goes on with “Center Stage”. Be prepared to be blown away. Do you want me to tell you more? No, you don’t.

The thing that happens afterwards bears the name “The Labyrinth” and to be honest… Nothing much happens during the 3:47 minutes… But songs like this make “Clearview” the way it is.
Crystalline” – not a cover of Björk’s song of the same name! – comes next with no surprises. “Clearview” reaches its final turns along with “Moonlight Kissed” which wraps up the record in a quite epic manner. Way to go, gentleman! Way to go.



Clearview” is the first album by Poets Of The Fall I thoroughly enjoyed after “Twilight Theater” – the 2012 record “Temple Of Thought” was cool too, but still not quite there.
This record however, has a very modern touch to it and it’s surely the most authentic Poets Of The Fall album to date. There’s diversity. There’s everything you need to be happy.

And if you want to see this band live in case you’re still not convinced by this review, 14th December 2016 in Munich’s STROM is your chance.

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Personal favorites:

  • Drama For Life
  • Child In Me
  • Center Stage


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