Pariisin Kevät – Musta Laatikko


Released: 24.04.2015 FIN

Well, I’ve never been to Paris and I don’t know how the spring is over there, but that doesn’t matter much. Parisian Spring never disappoints and the same goes for Pariisin Kevät.
The band released their fifth long player in April under the title “Musta laatikko” which literally means “Black Box” aka “Flight Recorder”.
So what can we expect from a band that already reached a cult status in Finland, yet remains unknown outside their homeland?

Vapaus saa odottaa” delivers quite a solid beginning of “Musta laatikko”. It won’t really surprise anyone who is already familiar with this band but it’s always somewhat refreshing to hear something new from these guys.
The next track called “Outoja aikeita” is quite average, but catchy. Nothing that would leave you screaming “THIS IS AWESOME!” in excitement. Same goes for “Muuli” though, but you forget what this one was all about after a while.
Hän saapuu luokseni pimeydessä” flows by really nicely and you’ll definitely enjoy it if you liked the band’s previous album “Jossain on tie ulos”. It comes really close to it.

If you’d ask me what one of my personal favorites on “Musta laatikko” is, then “Jättiläinen” would be the answer. Why? Hell, I don’t know… It touched me for some reason…
It all goes on with “Ennen oli hevosia” and “Voimakivet” while “Voimakivet” is the stronger and more interesting one. That chorus has that special something only Pariisin Kevät can bring over to the listener in a truly magical way. So this one is definitely a must-hear!

When we’re already taking about must-hears, then there’s also “Haamupuhelu”. The first single.
It was a melancholic morning in a hotel in Helsinki when I first heard this song along with the awesome video. Almost the same feelings going on like 5 years ago when I first heard about Pariisin Kevät in the same city, on the same place. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?
Anyway, “Haamupuhelu” is basically that one song that describes “Musta laatikko” perfectly. Throughout catchy, without major surprises, without any dramatic breakdowns… A song that won’t leave you cold. Even when it’s snowing outside.
Yölento” is another perfect add and as it seems, the second half of this album is slightly more enjoyable.
And with thinking this, we’re already at the end. “Jokin työntää kohti reunaa” is probably one of the best tracks on this album and concludes it all nicely. No wonder it got me hooked from the first listening on.




Pariisin Kevät are one of those bands that basically stick to their roots and you can’t hear much musical experiments throughout their albums, but they still manage not to repeat themselves over time. Their music doesn’t get boring and that’s already a big plus.
On the other side, I feel that the release of “Musta laatikko” could wait a bit since I feel that I still didn’t get enough of “Jossain on tie ulos” which was a mindblowing record. If you compare those two records, you have to say that “Musta laatikko” is basically a very average album even though you can find excellent songs on it – which, however, still can’t compare much to other masterpieces by Pariisin Kevät.
But all this doesn’t make “Musta laatikko” less enjoyable.


Personal favorites:

  • Vapaus saa odottaa
  • Jättiläinen
  • Voimakivet
  • Yölento
  • Jokin työntää kohti reunaa


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Written by M. Nyman

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