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Released: 03/02/2017 FIN |

Well, look at that! Our favorite Finns are back!
It’s been two years since the release of “Musta laatikko” (yes, we reviewed that) and now Pariisin Kevät are releasing their sixth record “Kuume”. We’re gonna tell you something about that and we’ll also find out if it’s any different from the band’s previous material.
So get yourself ready, it’s gonna get hot!

And no, I won’t provide you translations of anything.

It all begins with a familiar tune. “Pilvissä” is one of the singles and you couldn’t wish for a more perfect opener. This track will stay in your head for the rest of the day. The single also hinted at the fact, that this record will be a bit more Electronic. But this was only the beginning.
The title-track “Kuume” is the first surprise you’ll get in case you don’t get a fever from how cool this track is. First highlight-track? Look no further!

Pariisin Kevät go full-on modern Synthpop with “Kuu katoaa” and it’s indeed great to hear that an established act still evolves musically. Does any album by this band sound the same? I don’t think so, but I think you can make yourself an picture.
Hullu” is semi-okay at first. It just doesn’t sound like much in the beginning. Let’s say it like that. But then… Then you get a cool drop. You didn’t expect really that, right? Well, I didn’t expect this track to grow on me this fast. Another must-hear from this record for sure!

The fever continues with “Hei mä soitan sulle ihan kohtaa” (Have fun pronouncing that title, Non-Finnish-Proficient People!) and I don’t know why, but this is the reason why I almost lost my hopes for “Kuume” when the single came out. Luckily enough, the single that came after this one – the opener – saved the day. Anyway, the tune of this track is nice enough. It’s sympathetic, but the chorus gets a bit annoying with time.
The next song seems to be one of those typical filler-tracks in the beginning, but it will get to you eventually. “Matkalla sun luo” has some nice hooks that will catch you after time, but that one wow-effect is missing.

Pariisin Kevät reveal their experimental side with “Tiputa sun aseet” – the first single taken off “Kuume”. This one was released in summer 2016 and the YDP Team was pretty much blasting this one the entire summer in our Salzburg office. There’s something Industrial about “Tiputa sun aseet” and that guitar riff in the chorus will get you going!
Then you’ll hear “Liukuovet” and you’ll need to have some listens to this track to understand what’s really happening between all these Electro tunes. It’s interesting. I’m telling you.

You’d say that something epic will hapen after the chorus of “Vielä vähän matkaa tähtiin” when you hear the build-up and that special something isn’t coming. Sorry to break it to you. And the strings don’t really do it either… Did I spoiler you too much? If yes, sorry.
With “Kuka sulkee sun silmät” we’re getting to an end which comes like a friendly punch to your face. What a great way to wrap this record up! And why did this track still remind me a bit of something that this one Austrian band called Bilderbuch would do?




While “Musta laatikko” was a bit disappointing (“Voimakivet” excluded!) when compared to the 2013 record “Jossain on tie ulos”, “Kuume” manages to compensate for everything. It almost seems that Pariisin Kevät went a bit out from their comfort zone with this record.
It’s more experimental, the tunes are refreshing and playful, yet you will still get the trademark sound of Pariisin Kevät. The musical variety is mindblowing and all these aspects make up to an amazing record, which “Kuume” definitely is.
Now go and take a listen to it and stop caring about the fact that you don’t understand a word!

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Personal Favorites:

  • Pilvissä
  • Kuume
  • Hullu
  • Tiputa sun aseet

★★★★★★★★★☆ // ALMOST PERFECT. But not there.


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. 

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