Pariisin Kevät – Jossain on tie ulos


Released: 13.09.2013 FIN 

A little red album. A little red album, that turned out to be enormous.
Pariisin Kevät released their 4th album and the follow-up of “Kaikki on satua” on the 13th September 2013 and if you wanna find out what is so exceptional on “Jossain on tie ulos” and why it is somewhat different from older Pariisin Kevät releases, you should hang on with us and read this review.

Jossain on tie ulos” already starts with a rather mysterious track with a dark undertone. “Viimeinen päivä” is the title of the first track you’ll hear. You’ll hear now, that Pariisin Kevät really decided to explore their Alternative Rock side and I’m definitely not disappointed by this fact. “Viimeinen päivä” aka “The Last Day” is a pretty good start for “Jossain on tie ulos”.

But then you’ll hear “Odotus”. The hit single and the reason why most of us were really excited for this album. As I don’t have anything bad to say about all singles by Pariisin Kevät, I must admit that this one is the most… Well… “Metal” one. I know Metal isn’t the right word for it, but it’s slightly heavier than “Kevät” or “Kesäyö” just to name a few from the previous album. “Odotus“ is a very catchy song and its chorus won’t leave you cold.

The title of the third song on the album is ”Jalokiviä“. A very funky song, yet catchy and radio-friendly. Why wasn’t this song the 2nd single? Never mind. Maybe it’s going to be the next one.
And still, we hear the Alternative Rock influence here and the riff in the closing part of ”Jalokiviä“ reminds me of something… Or it’s just some older Pariisin Kevät stuff?

Seisminen järistys“ comes up next and here we go rather classic. You know… That Pariisin Kevät classic.
You’ll hear some more synth tracks than on the previous songs and once again, this group around Arto Tuunela guarantees a catchy melody.
Still, ”Seisminen järistys“ didn’t catch my attention from the start on. The next song ”Lähde“ is more electronic. Maybe the most electronic song you can find on ”Jossain on tie ulos“, but it will still catch you with its hooks.

In ”Oveton ovi“ you’ll hear synths, that immediately reminded me of ”Imatrankoski“ from ”Astronautti“ that was released in 2010. But it didn’t really knock me down from the chair.
The 2nd single happens to be ”Mielikuvituksen tuotetta“ and is in my opinion one of the best songs on this album. I won’t say anything to it. You’ll have to take a listen to it yourself.
After this one, you’ll hear tracks called ”Juhlat“ and ”Varjot ja ihmiset“ and after that, ”Jossain on tie ulos“ gets to its closing gates with the ballad ”Peittävää kohinaa“ making the ending of this album somewhat special.


Pariisin Kevät aren’t able to make any bad song, are they?
Well, they proved it for the 4th time with this album. This band’s albums are made up of several hit-songs and several “fillers”, but still, the enjoyment factor is high in any case.
Jossain on tie ulos” could deserve the title of the best Finnish Alternative album of the year 2013, though there is something missing that is essential for a best album of the year – at least in my own opinion. The enormous red album has to be happy with a 9/10 rating instead.

Personal favorites: 

  • Viimeinen päivä
  • Odotus
  • Jalokiviä
  • Mielikuvituksen tuotetta


Take a Listen: 

Written by M. Nyman, November 2013

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