Pain – Coming Home



Released: 09/09/2016 SWE

The Swedish Metal project Pain is back on track again along with their eight studio album “Coming Home” which saw the light of the world this September.
This time we’ll cut out the intro and get to the real deal right away. So, how does coming home feel like? Pain will tell you.

The semi-impressive opener entitled “Designed To Piss You Off” flows by nicely, while not really offering anything groundbreaking whatsoever besides being an energetic track, that does its job at its place. Afterwards there’s “Call Me” (No, that’s not a Blondie cover) waiting for you, featuring the Sabaton frontman Joakim Brodén and that’s pretty much everything you need to know. And look, there are even some orchestral elements too!
A Wannabe” was the first track to actually impress me in the very first minute, but that changed soon. There’s no question that the orchestral arrangements managed to keep the mood up, but the most epic part of “A Wannabe” got butchered by the not-so-epic chorus.

Pain In The Ass” comes up next and guess what, it was a pain in the ass. At one certain point I couldn’t really hear anything else besides those noisy guitars and I’m not sure if it was intentional. This track was supposed to be an in-your-face-experinece. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
But a spark of hope lights up together with the first single (?) “Black Knight Satellite”. We’re close to perfection here.
And as you can see, Pain go instantly from semi-ok to almost-perfect on “Coming Home” in just five songs. The title track is the proof of that. “Coming Home” – the song – is simple, but beautiful in its own way and we like that!

Is something going to top the previous track? Well, “Absinthe-Phoenix Rising” ain’t too bad, but is probably on the same level as the opener, besides being more uplifting… Kinda. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing impressive, nothing new. We’re moving on to the “Final Crusade”, just to be surprised by the fact, that everything that was said about the previous track can be repeated here. Life is wonderful (Quoting a part of this song too).

I tell you what, I really, really love the title of the next track. Talking about “Natural Born Idiot” here, of course! “Natural Born Idiot” is something I expected to hear from Pain in the first place on this record. There’s everything on this one. A catchy refrain included!
The final song off “Coming Home” bears the name “Starseed” and here Pain delivered another must-hear track.
What should I think about “Coming Home”? That’s the question here.




The new Pain record is painfully average on one side and painfully awesome on the other. I can’t help myself with that. Let’s just say that “Coming Home” is a very solid record, that has lot of potential even though there are a couple of weird moments, that spoiled the whole thing a little.
Coming Home” has two faces, a few highlights and some minor let-downs. But one could mostly enjoy it nevertheless.

Personal Favorites:

  • Black Knight Satellite
  • Coming Home
  • Starseed

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Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. September 2016.

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