Released: 31-07-2015 GER

Okay, meine Lieben! Nun nehmen wir uns mal die neue Platten von Oomph! unter die Lupe.
And if you think that I’ll continue writing this review in German, you’re wrong. German is one of the least sympathetic languages to write reviews in.
Anyway, today we’re reviewing a German-singing band.
Oomph! are around for 25 years (or XXV years, if you want to) and their twelfth studio effort saw the light of the world on the 31st July 2015. Three years after the band’s rather experimental record called “Des Wahnsinns fette Beute”. It seems that “XXV” is a return to the band’s roots.
Well, let’s grab a beer and take a look at “XXV”.

Dein Retter” (Your Savior) is the opener and the band’s classic sound also known as Neue Deutsche Härte just tells you that I was right saying that Oomph! probably went back to their roots. A cool track indeed!
The single “Alles aus Liebe” (All because of love) is that one track that gets into your mind immediately. Especially the chorus. Here we have some hooks that are typical for modern Gothic Metal and those hooks make up a very catchy song. Weiter so!

XXV” goes on with “Jetzt oder nie” (Now or never) but it’s rather average though. The lyrics aren’t really creative either.
Als wärs das letzte Mal” (As if it was the last time) is the answer on power-ballads by Oomph! – And a very cool one.
The next track that stayed in my memories was “Mary Bell”. This one is definitely standing out from the crowd. I think “Mary Bell” is one of the best songs I heard from Oomph! after a very long time.
Afterwards you’ll hear “Jede Reise hat ein Ende” (Every journey has an end”) which I can throw between the average tracks again. Okay. Except the groove in the chorus is pretty neat. “Unter diesem Mond” (Under this moon)? This lazy sounding ballad develops into a pretty interesting song. That’s indeed true.

It continues with “All deine Wunden” (All your wounds) is the next Gothic Metal approach on the band’s sound on this record. Both musically and lyrically.
Fleisch und Fell” (Flesh and fur) sounds rather Rammstein-esque with its attitude. Not necessarily a bad thing, if you ask me. But Rammstein would be probably fremdschäming themselves for the lyrics.
Tick Tack” is still the best one from this three-song-combo.

Nicht von dieser Welt” (Not from this world) belongs to my favorites on “XXV”. No questions asked. A classic verse-bridge-chorus build-up… Yep. There are no questions asked here. Just take a listen!
The next song called “Spieler” (Player) is a hell of a headbanging piece but however, “Zielscheibe” (Target) failed to impress me.
XXV” comes to its final spins with “Leis ganz leis” (Silent, completely silent) and it seems that Oomph! like to end their records with slow, symphonic ballads. Well, why not?



Oomph! are back. Well, they were never gone. But “XXV” marks the return of their heavier side.
It’s a thoroughly solid record. You are able to find a couple of exceptional songs as well as rather average ones, making “XXV” a perfectly balanced record.
The band didn’t surprise me with this one, but I can’t said that it would disappoint me in any way either.
XXV” deserves a positive rating.
Und so verabschiede ich mich mal von euch. Und dies is das einzige, was ich auf dieser Seite auf Deutsch geschrieben wurde.

Personal favorites:

  • Alles aus Liebe
  • Mary Bell
  • Nicht von dieser Welt
  • Spieler

Take a Listen:




Written by M. Nyman – August 2015

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