Nothing’s Enough for Riddle Me This – Check out their brand new video!


Riddle Me This is an up and coming modern metal / dread metal band from the Finnish town Mikkeli and earlier this month, they’ve released a brand new single called “Nothing’s Enough” with a video to accompany it.

With energetic and visually explosive live shows spiced up with an immersive horror element which also reflects in their sound, Riddle Me This seem to have quite a future ahead of them and besides touring all over Finland regularly, they also had the chance to visit Russia along with the release of their second EP “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil” back in 2016.

Anyway, this is what Riddle Me This have to say about the background of “Nothing’s Enough“:

“The new music video depicts, lyrically and graphically, (especially Finnish) government’s latest bad decisions. Politicians, who have claimed their positions with false and empty promises now take the money from the poor (e.g. student support cuts) whilst themselves earning more money than ever before and widening the gap even more. The video is directed and filmed by Hollywood-based professional Jesse Sievänen.”

Now go and check it out. It’s a must-hear for anyone who’s been looking for something fresh within the modern metal genre.




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