Check out the debut EP by Nikki Oniyome


Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記’s first EP is a mix of the darkest and happiest elements from 80’s retromusic, electro, indie, folk and psychedelia. The new EP is a real earworm with dramatic vocals, intriguing lyrics and a sound that approaches the cinematic.”

水 Sui/ Mizu” by the Norwegian indietronica project Nikki Oniyome was on our infamous soon-to-be-featured-list for a way too long – Come on, the EP was released on 4th May. Where have we been? – But hey, now’s the perfect time to finally get it out and share it with all of you. It’s new music Friday after all, right?
If you’re into 90’s trip hop and early Björk material, then “水 Sui/ Mizu” will be an interesting find for you. We’re more than sure!

“The lyrics are centered around uncertainty, helplessness, and the need for other human beings. The music blends into the lyrics just as water, continually taking on new forms. The lyrics is inspired by troubadourism, exploring themes of love, religion and oppression with dark humor and and twisted theatricality.”

Sometimes music doesn’t need many words. And this EP is one of these pieces. It’s strangely beautiful and strangely twisted at the same time. You tell us what you feel, okay? Okay. Now go outside and take a listen to this EP!  🌊


Source: Metronomicon Audio

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