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Released: 27/03/2015 FIN

Okay. I don’t think we need to mention that Nightwish’s new album is one of the most anticipated albums among Metal fans.
The band’s eighth studio effort “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” came out this March and let’s see what this well known band will surprise us.
Is there something new waiting for us with “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”? We’ll find out soon!

The first few seconds into “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, I wasn’t quite sure if I inserted a right record into the player. Well, sure I did. You know I referred to the spoken-word part of the opener “Shudder Before The Beautiful” here.
The intro sounds like something we already heard from Nightwish and the chorus has a potential to be fucking awesome. But somehow the enjoyment factor drowns in genericness.
And that solo sounded like Children Of Bodom!
Weak Fantasy” comes up next and I’m hoping to actually hear something new from this band. Not really happening now either… I ended up hearing a high-quality “Imaginaerum” clone sung by Floor Jansen.

The only hope for “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” to be more diverse from the rest of the band’s discography was the first single “Élan”. For me, the most interesting song Nightwish have done. It might be poppy and totally out of their usual style and attitude, but you know… Most of the fans of this band don’t want them to change much and musical changes would be totally unacceptable for them.

Yours Is An Empty Hope” is said to be the heaviest track on “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. Okay, why not? But why come with the same song structures as before? And I could have sworn I heard some of those riffs on “Dark Passion Play” too!
But anyway, Floor Jansen is pretty much the best lead vocalist Nightwish had. That has to be mentioned.
Another spark of hope comes with “Our Decades In The Sun”. A very emotional, touching ballad that manages to be somewhat different from the rest… The first song I didn’t skip (“Élan” not included) the more I listened to “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. And oh, did I mention that Floor Jansen is the best vocalist for Nightwish?
My Walden” follows and finally you can hear something epic with a very catchy chorus! I admit that this song was the only that actually stayed in my mind after hearing this album for the first time. Do you want me to say something more?
The Songs-I-Didn’t-Skip-Block is finished with the title track which gives off this wannabe-Storytime-vibe though…

What else does “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” offer?
Well, we got “Edema Ruh”. Another track that has quite some potential, but fails to use it, making it sound a little bit dull after the second chorus.
I’ll put it on the personal favorites list anyway, cause the chorus is really cool.
Alpenglow” has indeed something typically Nightwish-esque with it but I still felt that everything I heard on this album was already used on one of the seven previous albums by this band.
The instrumental transition “The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula” is quite epic and the last 24 minutes of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” belong to the gigantic track called “The Greatest Show On Earth”.
And that’s where I end and you begin.
I had the nerve to pull through the whole track just once and decided to not spoiler you if you want to take a listen to this album yourself.
There wasn’t much happening in the first three-five minutes. I’m sorry.



To be honest, I don’t know what else I actually expected from “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”.
Nightwish topped themselves with their 2011 album “Imaginaerum” and I just missed the diversity on “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”.
I seriously felt as if I’d listen to a mixture of “Dark Passion Play” and “Imaginaerum” with maybe some little hints of “Once” with one or two new tracks and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.
Well, of course it isn’t. Deal with it.

Personal Favorites:

  • Élan
  • Our Decades In The Sun
  • My Walden
  • Edema Ruh

Take A Listen:




Written by Misha Nyman – April 2015 

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