Nightstop – Dancing Killer

Released: 14/07/2017  FIN  |

Nightstop is a Finnish independent synth-/retrowave artist who has been gaining popularity very fast in the synth-music scene since 2013. The style and sound is influenced by the 80’s, metropolises, neon lights, dark and shady corners of alleys and gateways, fishnet stockings under streetlights and salacious characters in glossy leather.”

Source: Secret Entertainment

Welcome to another exciting review of some record by someone you probably never heard about, but should! “Dancing Killer” is the third studio effort by the Jyväskylä based artist going under the name Nightstop and let us tell you something about it before it comes out physically through Secret Entertainment.

It all starts with “Flesh“. A statement opener that will tell you what Nightstop is all about, but not revealing all too much. Afterwards you’ll hear the first seconds of “Dancing Killer” – It’s all about the 80s attitude, baby! Soaring synths and a funky hook is everything you need to deliver a killer disco sound. Now imagine how this would sound with some vocals. And who would’ve thought that thing will get erotic (be sure to roll the “R”) here! The track “Erotic Encounter” is an atmospheric piece that won’t leave you cold. It truly lives up to its name, but it doesn’t really force you into anything. You’re just sitting there, having a good time.

Be prepared to hear some cool tunes on “The Cage” that could be easily in a soundtrack for some game and I don’t know why I’m thinking of something like the Saints Row franchise… All this track needed was a fade out and everything would be perfect. We’re getting to some dirty “Back Alley Business” and damn, that intro is everything, dude! And where the hell are those heavily processed vocal samples when we need them? Anyway, just go and take a listen to this track if you want to take a glimpse of how Nightstop sounds like. “Dancing Killer” gets quite dark with “Ghoul” and the track’s bass line is the reason why it impressed me that much. Guess we found the highlight of this record.

Beast Within” follows and that shit is something I’ve been waiting for to hear this whole time! And if there’s one thing where Nightstop truly excels at, it’s playing with the listener’s feelings. The songs go from being somewhat creepy to super fun, emitting good vibes all over. On “Backseat Lover” we go back to something comparable to “Erotic Encounter“. It flows by nicely and then you hear “Touch Of Her Knife“, which is another track that will improve your mood. It definitely did improve mine. I don’t dance while writing reviews, but this thing made me move like never before. Is it magic? Yes, it is. Are you telling me we’re already at the final song of this record? Time flies when you’re enjoying stuff… But we don’t fly, so I can tell you that “Under A Killing Moon” is one cool song that pretty much sums up the listening experience. 

Do I approve this record? Definitely.
After listening to all kinds of Metal in my early years, I moved to Alternative and Electronic Music as I feel that those genres constantly reinvent themselves in a way. I’m truly grateful when I get to hear records like “Dancing Killer” as it’s relatively hard to find something, that can be described as remotely interesting and of high quality in this genre.
Nightstop takes you back straight to the 80s with “Dancing Killer” and it’s a hell of a ride. I’m telling you. It’s an instrumental album (in case I didn’t point it out earlier), quite minimalistic too and there’s one track that would sound about 0.1% better with some vocals. Those are my five cents. You’ll enjoy “Dancing Killer” if you’re into anything Synthpop related. Really.

And don’t let the trashy and badly photoshopped album cover fool you (Sorry, design student here). The music is much better than that.


Personal favorites: 

Beast Within
Touch Of Her Knife

Take a Listen: 


★★★★★★★★☆☆ // VERY GOOD. Nothing else to add here.


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