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Released: 07/07/2017  FIN  |

Storms Arise” follows band’s well reviewed debut “The End of Silence” (2013, Inverse Records) and takes a step towards even more versatile scales of music and emotions. The album contains eleven tracks with unexpected rhythmic elements which will make your head banging, while the melancholic melodies forces you to rise your fist up in the air and cry. Versatile soundscapes mesmerize the listener and takes a hold until the last note. “Storms Arise” strengthens Nicumo‘s position on northern metal scene, and gives it a timeless masterpiece to keep the scene alive.

Source: Inverse Records

Yes, today we’re gonna take a listen to the brand new album by the Finnish Melancholic Metal band Nicumo and in case you’re an insider on the Finnish music scene, then I’m sure you’ve heard of this band at least once. If not, be sure to read more, because you don’t want to miss out on this record. Now here’s what we think about “Storms Arise“…

The Dawn” is the first thing you get to hear. It’s a dark and thoughtful opener. A bit different, but still atmospheric and so damn powerful at the same time. With “Old World Burning” following, you get the feeling that the music of Nicumo kinda reminds you of something between Sentenced and Katatonia. The chorus of this track will send shivers down yours spine, but wait until you hear more. This is only the beginning. Beyond Horizon” follows with a very catchy melody in the chorus, that actually got stuck in my head for the following couple of minutes. Now it becomes evident, that you must be listening to one of the best Metal albums released this year. “Beyond Horizon” combines both elements found in Doom Metal as well as something Alternative, that makes the band’s music stand out. 

Things get quite aggressive and raw on “Unholy War“, but there’s still something that refines the music. Let’s just say that the vocal harmonies equal to pure magic on this track. It’s almost iconic, and you know I’m very careful when using that word. Then we got “Death, Let Go” and this song is something you just have to hear. The guitar work here is simply mesmerizing and… Hell, why are you still here? Go and check out the video and take a listen for yourself. This track is more than I have words. Believe me.
But after hearing “Death, Let Go“, everything you hear afterwards feels to fall short. The next piece under the name “Guilt” doesn’t quite cut it even though it’s a very solid track nevertheless. It just failed to impress me as much as the remainder of the record.

You know when you’re listening to a good track when you fall in love with its sound during the first five seconds. “Poltergeist” is another track taken off “Storms Arise” that needs to be heard. I still don’t know what the thing about this band’s sound is. It all sounds so different in a strange way, but still so hypnotizing… All of this is making it quite hard to write something about this record that wouldn’t sound out of place. Let’s move on to the next big thing!
If This Is Your God, I Don’t Need One” is one hard hitting piece with a truly stand-out name, “Sirens” and “Aiolos” are both very satisfying pieces, the latter being another highlight of “Storms Arise“. And then we’re getting to the last eight-ish minutes of this magical record.
Dream Too Real” comes around like a friendly hit to your face with its gradual and almost cinematic build-up. There’s nothing more to love than this epic track to conclude a record like “Storms Arise“. You’ve earned my respect, gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, this record is intense. And that’s pretty much the best summary ever.
It’s been a long time since I heard something comparable to “Storms Arise“. Nicumo managed to bring something unordinary to the genre with their new album. You will hear eleven strong tracks that are fierce enough to stand out on their own.
You know what? Better go and take a listen to this record yourself and make yourself an opinion. Sometimes the music can tell you more than an over 600-words review. This record is Your Dead Partner approved.

Personal Favorites: 

Beyond Horizon
Death, Let Go
Dream Too Real

Take a Listen:

★★★★★★★★☆☆ // VERY GOOD. Nothing else to add here. Note that this is more like 8.5 than 8!


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