New single “kiss you” and “bye (ep)” by olli out now!

“We’re happy to welcome olli to the Soliti family (probably the worst kept secret ever!)

We first heard olli via a demo show on the radio. That was when he was 14yrs old – everything was so right and great and unique and original that we beat a path to his door to work with him. Since those heady days a couple of years ago, olli has just kept releasing a stream of great music via his soundcloud page, building an audience than now number the 10s of thousands and amassing millions of track plays from all over the world.”

Source: Soliti

Let’s talk about this for a while. This young artist from Finland has dropped a single called “Kiss You” today and it’s so questionably weird in a great way that everyone reading this should go and take a listen to it.
The unique single is taken from olli‘s upcoming EP that is set for a release later this summer, but you can listen to his older material right now, as his first EP “bye” is already out and dude, it’s atmospheric!

Well, I’m definitely looking forward to hear more from olli and his “3rd grade sleepover birthday party pop music” (which has to be the coolest sound description ever) in the time to come. What about you?


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