How rude is that?! – Neverlander releases a new single

Well, it’s been a while since we discovered Neverlander and told you about it – Don’t get your hopes up though, you won’t be able to listen to the track we were talking about in that post anymore, but it was a banger. Trust us. Anyway, it’s been a while and Neverlander is back with “How Rude“. How rude is that?!

Yes, we know and before we proceed, let us advise you to listen to “Gummy” and “Rat Race” first in case you slept through the single releases. How rude of you.

Neverlander turns all your wishes for edgy Electro Rock into reality. And while “Gummy” is the sonic equivalent of that angry kid next door your parents warned you about, “How Rude” is… Now, that’s a good question. It’s unpredictable.
How Rude” is nothing you expected it to be, it’s strangely addictive and it radiates with an odd charm. “Why am I listening to this and how did I end up here?” is one thing that you might end up asking yourself. “How Rude” is a twisted, but brutally alluring track. It’s… Oh, come on, don’t be rude and go listen to it!  That’s why you’re here after all.

But before you leave and drift off into the underground together with this plain awesome single, consider the following and let it sink in for a while: Neverlander might be one of those artists that actually shows you how music should sound like in 2019 and beyond. There’s something futuristic and relevant about his craft. And that’s something we appreciate. ✖️


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