Nephew released “Vinter–i–Ring” and we fell in love with it


Last Friday we also saw a very exciting  release from the Danish band Nephew. Their brand new three-track EP “Vinter–i–Ring” is the band’s first release since quite a time, their last studio album “Hjertestarter” actually came out back in 2012.

Now what made us love this release? It’s most likely the more electronic direction the three tracks are heading into – Of course, Nephew were always a bit into Synthpop and the way they combined it with Indie Rock elements just made everything great. And don’t get us started on the catchy melodies that you’ll find throughout the band’s discography.

Vinter–i–Ring” sounds fresh, up to date and the opener “Amsterdam” will get stuck in your head. Guaranteed. Now go and take a listen to it.


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