Neøv release “Elysion” – Listen to the brand new single now!

It’s Friday and we’re in love with the brand new single of Finland’s very own Neøv! The single’s called “Elysion” and you just have to love it!

Neøv have released two great albums. Their debut “Orange Morning” came out all the way back in 2013 and what a record it is! “Dominique” was the name of their sophomore record and it was… A dream in the form of soundwaves – Let’s just describe it like that.

And now, Neøv are back with this brand new single “Elysion” that drops the first hints at their upcoming record which might see the light of this world soon. We are in love, we don’t want to spoil your first impressions by dropping semi-poetic lines here on this site and we are looking forward to hear more material.

On this note… Go and check this single out. And in case you’re not familiar with this Finnish band yet… Why not binge-listen to their albums? We’re sure you’re gonna love it. 🌹


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