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Released: 08.02.2013 FIN

Neøv, who were once known as Neufvoin, released the album “Orange Morning” already in February 2013 and got my attention by playing some gigs as the supporting act for Disco Ensemble in Finland and belong to the most interesting new music discoveries of 2013.
How did these 5 northern men from Kuopio who probably like orange surprise me with their latest record?
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The first track off “Orange Morning” entitled “Faces Against Orange Rain” starts with rather quiet guitar playing, a 2nd guitar begins to play the main riff of this track, then all the other instruments join and you have the feeling that this piece will be a progressive instrumental song when you don’t know what is about to come next.
The soothing voice of the band’s singer and guitarist Anssi Neuvonen accompanied only by the bass lines by by Ari Autio… The beauty is in the simple things, or not?
After a rather progressive track you have that funky Indie Rock song “Daydream City”. The catchy guitar parts, a nice chorus but still you feel the true Finnish melancholy in this one.
Windvane” is the next song you’ll hear. It has the same easy-to-listen vibe as the previous song  “Daydream City” and is the first single from “Orange Morning” just maybe even more enjoyable. The only thing that bothers me is that Neuvonen’s vocals sound a bit “drowned” throughout the whole song as well as the album. But that sound filter adds an interesting twist to the music of Neøv.

After “Windvane” you’ll hear “A Fall Through The Roofs”.
Drumming by Samuli Neuvonen – who is the brother of the band’s vocalist – opens this song, becomes supported by soft synth sounds and after a while also with that voice which refines it all… Magic. And the ending of this track is quite epic.
Nothing else left to say – That’s my new way of telling you to take a listen to it.

Morning Fire” comes up next, belongs to the songs from this album that didn’t much get me at the first listen, but turned out to be pure love in the end. That way the chorus in expressed and performed, some trumpets come up during the song… Everthing fits. And you just question how.
With “Mellow” we get again into that somewhat more catchy part of the album again. That “Mellow” is catchy proved also the fact that you’ll find a video for this song. Another good synth riff, another good chorus that will maybe stay in your mind which is kinda unlikely since the verses are the ones that come into my mind first. If you never heard about Neøv before, try to take a listen to this song first.

The 7th song “1999” is somewhat calmer when compared to “Mellow”. The playful part which changes by the adding rough guitars into something more what I’d call Noise Rock but gets back into it’s former sound when the song comes slowly to the end.
In “Otherworld” you’ll hear again some distorted guitars, a calm chorus as well as verses… The lyrics of this song are the strongest part of this song. At least I think so. But “Otherworld” gets epic towards the end as is the case in the most songs we heard until now.

So… And now we slowly come to the end. “Whale Hymn” is the 9th and the last song from “Orange Morning”. A guitar and a trumpet… That’s the quiet beginning of this track. Again, you can really feel the melancholy in the songwriting. Somehow it would be better if this piece remained instrumental since it’s a pretty impressing or let’s just say epic as fuck.


Eagerness combined with melancholy. Maybe this is a good term how to describe this album. Being a bit sceptical about it at first, but after a few listens it just became better and better. The music on “Orange Morning” is not really complex in my opinion. As I said a little bit earlier, it’s that what I call “easy-to-listen” music. One just sways along with the soft melodies…  It’s quite a dreamy album but still impressive on the musical side.

And talking about soft melodies, Neøv really aren’t one of those cheesy Alternative bands that make one ballad after another. Nope. They still play it rough. In a special way.

Personal Favorites:

  • Daydream City
  • A Fall Through The Roofs
  • Morning Fire
  • Mellow


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Written by Misha Nyman, June 2013 – Edited July 2014 

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