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Released: 20/02/2015 FIN

I guess it’s not really necessary to introduce the Finnish band Neøv to our frequent readers. In case you’re not familiar with this name, you can check out the band’s debut album “Orange Morning” and take a listen to it. Or you simply hang on with me to get some recommendations.
Dominique” is the name of the sophomore release of Neøv which was released earlier this month and what can we expect from this album with such a hypnotic cover artwork?

First of all I have to mention that “Dominique” was released on vinyl only, which was a really wise step to take. The feeling is much more authentic and true on vinyl, but I could spend whole days talking about how vinyl sounds better than everything else. That’s not the point and it does not really matter.

What really matters are the next 9 tracks you are about to hear, it all starting off with “Aurora”. A perfect opener that will show this band’s music the way it is. Pure, dreamy but still catchy and strong. All leads over to “Laketown” – the first song we got to hear from “Dominique” – and all words are already too much here. Just concentrate on the harmonies and the overall performance… What else could you want?

The energetic “Woolen Pumpkin Shirt” follows and immediately manages to lift your spirits. “Dominique I” is another must-hear track and I won’t even tell you why. Just as the next big thing you’ll hear. “The Rain People”. Aka the song, that basically made me freaking excited for “Dominique” and the song, that has everything a good song needs to have.
If I should pick a highlight of this album, it would be definitely “The Rain People” with its explosive atmosphere.
One could throw a random filler here about how much Neøv sound like Sigur Rós or how much their music is influenced by them, but personally I don’t see much similarities between these bands. That needs to be said. There are maybe some details, but those are still minimally included.
The following tracks  “Clouds On The Wall“ and ”Garden Road Sphere“ both form a duo that is simply inseparable and ”Dominique II“… Do I still need to talk?
Do you happen to know how to tell that you’ve just heard a good album? Or do you want to know how I tell good albums apart from the rest? Fine. I can tell you.
When a very good and special album ends, you feel the sudden emptiness inside… As if something would be taken away from you…
And that perfectly describes what I felt after ”Bengal Fires“.




Orange Morning“ was already a truly lovable record, but ”Dominique“ is on the verge of perfection.
I don’t remember when the last time was I heard something as powerful as this album in the last months. Something that would leave me speechless at many occasions.
Neøv delivered the best album of 2015 to date and I personally don’t think that it will be easy for someone to top that.

Personal favorites:

  • Laketown
  • Dominique I
  • The Rain People
  • Garden Road Sphere

Take a Listen:


Written by M. Nyman – February 2015

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