Musta valo – Kaikki on haurasta

Released 29/11/2017  FIN   |

You’re not going anywhere for the next 38 minutes. Go, get yourself some wine and sit down. Things are about to get intense. Musta valo have released their third album called “Kaikki on haurasta” and this is what you can expect from the Finnish band with one of the most captivating visual identities ever. 

“En rakasta ketään, en odota mitään”

Like a musical moodboard, “Laterna Magica” is here to break it down to you. Released as a single back in 2015 along with the B-Side “Voight-Kampff” (Remember that interactive video? We do!), you could already say what direction Musta valo will take for the upcoming third record. Everything feels dark and restless now. Somewhat different from what we heard on the band’s eponymous album from 2014 and the 2013 release “Uusi aika on täällä” but still, you can find the signature sound of Musta valo. And then you get to hear “Rauhaton alue” and its bold bass line which will lead you through the strict construction of the track. You know where it’s all going, but you still get surprised on the way. Make sure to check out the video for this track too – There you go.

The title track “Kaikki on haurasta” was released a single recently, I’m sure we’ve told you about it, and yes, it shows Musta valo in a brand new light. Somewhat Industrial, aggressive and everything but forgiving, this song is here to hunt you down and it all resolves with the first seconds of “Kuolema Venetsiassa“. Some Synthpop elements never hurt and the buildup of this piece is pretty satisfying. And then it hits you. Almost like the tears that hit your iPhone screen at night sometimes… “Viimeinen päivä” comes around and stirs things up and you know that you’ve heard the ultimate highlight of “Kaikki on haurasta“. The impact is undefinable.

Vie mut ulos tänään” eases the mood up a bit on the musical side, surprising you with a short Progressive Rock-ish part and I think it’s a safe bet to describe “Majakka” as the definition of Post Pop. You will know for yourself once you listen to this record. “Kun kasvan” follows – Check out the video here and let it speak for itself. And then “Kaikki on haurasta” comes into its final turns with “Suola-aavikko” and whatever happens on that track… Whatever happens during those almost six minutes… You don’t need us to tell you things now. The fact is, Musta valo have released their most sophisticated release to date and it’s intense.
Now go and get the vinyl to enjoy it the way you’re supposed to.

Everything is fragile and everything is filled with melancholy. And one thing is for sure, “Kaikki on haurasta” is not a record for everyone. You will not fall in love with this record on the first listen. No. This is not what the music of Musta valo is about.
You’ll have to take time and focus on the musical content that gets delivered to you. It is not a record you’ll understand on the first listen. It is much more than that. So much more. And it’s only up to you to find out.


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Viimeinen päivä


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