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Released: 12/08/2016 GER

Milliarden is an up and coming duo from Berlin you probably don’t know about, but should. This Rock act released their first EP “Kokain und Himbeereis” in 2015 and already caught our attention with their unusual attitude.
Their debut album “Betrüger” came out this August and we’re here to tell you what to expect from its 14 tracks.

Sorry, I won’t provide translations to the song titles and/or lyric-parts.

It all starts with “Oh Chérie”. A solid and danceable opener that would remind one of that one Austrian band called Wanda, but by far less cheesy. Still, it kinda lacks that special something which would make “Oh Chérie” to something more memorable. But don’t worry, the following song “Im Bett verhungern” brings quite some catchy moments with it while being rather straightforward and not-so-groundbreaking. “Milliardär” however perfectly showcases the fuck-you-attitude of the music by Milliarden which got me hooked in the first place.

Bleib hier” might sound a bit average on the first listen, but believe me, this track will get you with its everything the more you listen to it. Yeah, Milliarden have feelings too, y’ know!
The album’s title song “Betrüger” was probably the biggest surprise. A two and a half minute acoustic track which fulfills the role of a solid filler.
And then there’s this thing also known as “Freiheit is ne Hure” which is probably the catchiest track by Milliarden. A bold sing-along-chorus is what makes this track stand out. It can’t get any better, can it? Well, trust me… It can, but we’ll have to wait for it a bit!
Marie” follows and the guitar in this track is fucking gold! “Betrüger” takes some unexpected turns together with “Katy Perry” – no, that’s not exactly a tribute-song, even though it sounds a bit like a Katy Perry song on acid.

“Katy Perry hat gesagt ich bin stark, dass mich die ganze Welt mag…”

The next big thing bears the name “Blitzkrieg Ballkleid” and is probably the most Punk track on this record. Milliarden included a line of English lyrics in “Friedrichsdorf” and to be honest, they wouldn’t sound all too bad singing in English. It’s the German language that makes this band’s songs special in an unusual way though.
Zucker” follows and let’s just say that this one is the biggest grower on this record. You won’t like this track on the second listen, not even after the fifth time… And then you actually start to get used to it. Yes, there is a lot of variety on this record and the next track confirms that.
The most epic part of “Betrüger” begins right here. Together with “Die Angst”, which is the darkest track and probably also the biggest highlight of the whole record. Milliarden managed to surprise me once again!

Ende Neu” comes up next and sounds a bit like a “hipster sibling” of the previous track, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, if you get what I mean with the term “hipster sibling”. My descriptions are getting worse with every album I review. I’m not even sorry for that.
The closing song on “Betrüger” is called “Schall & Rauch” and to be honest, I expected a song like this to be at the very end. I can’t say I’m disappointed, but that track didn’t really kill it either.




Betrüger” plays around with genres like Alternative Rock, Pop, Punk all packed up with grungy vocals and Milliarden indeed managed to bring something different to the German Rock scene – I don’t really thing I can say that for the lyrical side of the album, but who cares, huh?
Betrüger” is a very solid debut album nevertheless, offering some unexpected turns while being thoroughly enjoyable and variable. That’s a great thing, but not everyone will appreciate the band’s sound, but we don’t give a shit.
This record is for everyone looking for bands that deliver something new and fresh to the genre, which Milliarden definitely do. We approve.

Personal Favorites:

  • Bleib hier
  • Freiheit is ne Hure
  • Die Angst
  • Ende Neu

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Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. August 2016.

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