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Released: 27.04.2015  DEN


Fans of the probably most famous Danish band had to wait six long years for a follower of “No More Stories…” which was released in 2009. That’s a lot right? And now Mew are back with brand new energy and a brand new album.
Was their sixth studio album “+ –” (read “Plus Minus”) worth the wait?
We are going to find out now…

It all begins with “Satellites”. The first single from “+ –” which manages its part as the opening track very well. But don’t worry, “Satellites” isn’t the only outstanding track here. There’s a lot more to  come!
The next song called “Witness” has a bit of this “No More Stories…” meets “Frengers” vibe to it. It sounds like a classic Mew song but still has some fresh feeling to it. This one is definitely worth checking out, as well as the overall catchy “The Night Believer”.

A surprising moment comes together with “Making Friends”. This song can be familiar to some die-hard fans since Mew released it in 2013 as a very promising demo. I was glad seeing that a final version of “Making Friends” made it to “+ –”. Well, why wouldn’t it after all? Try to find a reason why it wouldn’t. Impossible, right?
Clinging To A Bad Dream” already belonged to my favorites from the first listening together with “My Complications”. Somehow those two tracks reminded me of everything I always remembered Mew by. Everything that made me interested into this band… And to quote a friend of mine: “My Complications” sound a bit like a bigger brother of “Witness”.

With “Water SlidesMew prove that their style is indeed very versatile and that they could eventually make a good Pop band. Yes, “Water Slides” is the poppiest song you’ll hear on “+ –”. Probably also the most unusual from these four Danish gentlemen, yet still very interesting. Another add to the must-hear playlist.
Interview The Girls” makes up a solid transition to the 10 minute epicness called “Rows” and at this point I have trouble finding words to describe it.
And then we’re getting to the final tunes of “+ –”.
Cross The River On Your Own” can’t really compare to the best closing song of all times, which coincidentally happens to be “Comforting Sounds”. But “Cross The River On Your Own” also contains something that will make you feel a bit empty after everything is over… After you know that “+ –” is over and that there’s nothing more coming your way anymore…
But when you feel like this after hearing a record, then you can be sure that you heard a quality record.




Mew never disappoint. They never did and there’s nothing negative I can say about “+ –”. Maybe it’s not THE ALBUM you would like to hear if you want to get closer to the band’s music, but it’s still a very impressive record.
A thing I always liked about Mew was, that their albums never sound the same – which you probably noticed from this review. They always have something to surprise you with and that’s simply one of the things that defines the term Alternative Rock for me.
+ –” fulfilled all my expectations in this. And thus, the almost-full rating is simply deserved.


Personal favorites:

  • Satellites
  • Making Friends
  • Clinging To A Bad Dream
  • My Complications
  • Water Slides
  • Rows


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Written by M. Nyman

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