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Release: 03/02/2016 SWE

Gothenburg has been a home of many great Metal bands for pretty much always and everyone knows it.
Marionette are one of those and their fourth album “Propaganda” has just seen the light of this world. Five years after the release of “Nerve”.
So let’s bring the propaganda to the masses, shall we?

It all begins with the opener “Grey Masses Gather”, giving you a hint, that the following record will be quite dark – especially when compared to the band’s previous material, but fucking epic at the same time. “Grey Masses Gather” has a something Doomish to it and is a very straight-forward opener.
Follow Me Down” follows. Just like an aggressive punch into your face. Isn’t that the best description ever?
It’s energetic, it makes you wanna go mad – In a good way. What else to expect from Marionette?

A track called “”. Yep. That’s what you can expect from these Swedish gentlemen.
A track that will strike right through it, making it stand out, yet still keeping up with the attitude and the mood. Plus points for the Swedish lyrics.
And let’s admit it, “Propaganda” is an exciting ride until now.

Searching for the Frontline” comes up next and doesn’t really offer anything new. But still, it’s standing out lyrically, just as the following piece entitled “Dirty And Free”. And there you have it. Marionette delivered the highlight of “Propaganda”.
Right there. Right now.
There’s nothing else left to say. Except that I really recommend this one.

The next thing you’ll hear on “Propaganda” bears the name “What I’ve Seen”. Another strong moment, that won’t leave you cold if you’re well into this album.
All You Are” representing the closing moments in a very grandiose way… And all that’s left for you is to go and take a listen to this album yourself.
You won’t regret.




Propaganda” is an album with a strong message and Marionette throw it right into your face. That has to be said.
One can hear that Marionette came a long way since their previous release, which makes “Propaganda” their most ambitious and most enjoyable record so far.
It’s different and that’s fucking great. It feels like a 45 minutes long song and the only downside is, that you just can’t listen to the songs separately. It won’t feel right. Trust me.

Personal favorites:

  • Grey Masses Gather
  • Dirty And Free
  • All You Are

Take a Listen: 



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