Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

Released: 16.01.2015 USA

Marilyn Manson definitely isn’t something I need to introduce. Everybody knows who I’m talking about. Everybody knows who’s behind this band.
The Pale Emperor” is the ninth studio effort by Marilyn Manson and the first album on our 2015 Most Anticipated List. And this are our thoughts:

On the first listen, you’ll most likely have a dèja-vu experience. The opening track of “The Pale Emperor” entitled “Killing Strangers” kicks off a bit like something that could as well appear on the 1998 album “Mechanical Animals”. The attitude is similar… The lyrical themes are awesomely thought through as always… But honestly, “Killing Strangers” takes a bit too long to get to it’s highlight. Anyway, a good start nevertheless.
Deep Six”, one of the three singles released and one that made my hopes on this album high. Hell, that background riff in the chorus… Isn’t that how we all know Marilyn Manson?
Anyway, “Deep Six” is one song that is definitely worth hearing.
Let’s continue…

Third Day On A Seven Day Binge” aka first single… Indeed somewhat unusual on the first listen, but trust me, it gets better and better the more you listen to it.
The next big thing you get to hear is called “The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles” with an intro that will hook you. First you expect this song to go on in the same melancholic vibe as it started, but that chorus is a really strong matter.
Can somebody explain why “The Pale Emperor” is so strongly reminding me of “Mechanical Animals” all the time?

Warship My Wreck”… Well, what can I say except that this track caught my attention the most… Maybe it’s the best song on “The Pale Emperor”… Opinions my vary… But hey… Go, and take a listen to it! You won’t be disappointed. And if you will… Well, okay. I’m sorry.
The next track “Slave Only Dreams To Be King” has a bit of a classic fuck-you-attitude to it, but it’s not really present throughout the whole song. At least I feel it like this. But overall, it’s quite solid. For the rest I can only repeat what I said for “Killing Strangers”.

The Devil Beneath My Feet” comes up, giving you another feeling that you already heard something similar on an older Marilyn Manson album, yet still a bit different… It still rolls around well. Just as “Birds Of Hell Awaiting”.
Cupid Carries A Gun” is supposed to be another highlight of this album, but personally I didn’t find much in it.
The last track on “The Pale Emperor” is called “Odds Of Even”, bringing the album to a good, rather edgy finish. Nothing else was left to say.

The Pale Emperor” definitely met all my expectations of a new Marilyn Manson album. I definitely enjoyed this one better than the 2012 release “Born Villain”, but what I missed was definitely something catchy… Okay, that’s a bad word. Let’s say I missed something that would bring me to some emotional peak… Something that would stay in my mind for longer than just a few seconds…
But still, this album managed to introduce us to a great musical year. With it’s paleness… With it’s melancholy.
Rate it however you want. I will.

Take a Listen:

Personal favorites:

  • Deep Six
  • The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles
  • Warship My Wreck


Written by M. Nyman – January 2015

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