Mammút – Kinder Versions

Released: 14/07/2017  ISL  |

Okay. We have an album called “Kinder Versions” right here. Does anyone out here know what to imagine under this title? Well, looks like we’re gonna find out soon.
The Icelandic Rock band Mammút has just released one of the most anticipated records of this summer / year and as we’ve informed you before, it is their first full-length record in English. To us, languages never really mattered as we love Mammút‘s songs in both Icelandic and English (You have checked out their EP “River’s End“, right?) but now… Let’s just check out “Kinder Versions“. Because you and me… We’re getting a way too excited to hear it… Am I right? 

The dark opener “We Tried Love” spans over seven and half minutes in a mysterious fashion. This progressive piece will captivate you on the first listen and it will never let you go… It leaves so many questions open (including this “What the hell did I just hear?!”-question meant in a good way) and suddenly you’re sitting there, listening to the next track called “Kinder Version” and trust me, things might get even weirder from here and I absolutely love it. You know, there’s something Björk-ish about that track. Just take a listen for yourself. Bye Bye” will surprise you with its minimalistic arrangement which makes this strong track stand out in a different way. So far, “Kinder Versions” is one of the most diverse albums I heard this year. Amen to that. 

The Moon Will Never Turn On Me” is something more similar to what we’ve been used to from Mammút in the past, yet it carries on the avant-garde vibe of the new record. The strings you’ll hear on this track being an awesome addition to the sound.
Our frequent readers will be definitely familiar with the next song. “Breathe Into Me” is the first single taken from “Kinder Versions” and to be honest, when I first heard it, it didn’t think much about the new record taking on brand new dimensions. It reminds you of the band’s previous material, somehow reminiscent of “Salt” in a way… “Breathe Into Me” didn’t tell you the truth about “Kinder Versions“. And that’s good. Continuing with “Walls“, we get to hear another powerful track. The raw guitars bringing the listener to a near-ecstatic state. Can this record get any better? Nobody knows. 

Don’t expect the next song “What’s Your Secret?” to reveal any secrets. This varied piece will drive people who like their music to be structured into utter madness, while “Pray For Air” returns into the more familiar waters of the band’s music. You know… Sometimes you should just let the music speak for itself because what this record delivers is more than someone has words. And so we arrived at the 9th song of “Kinder Versions“. Being possibly the calmest track you’ll get to hear, “Sorrow” brings another series of surprises with it. But I’m afraid you’ll have to find out for yourself what I’m talking about now. No spoilers here from me. I’m sorry. 

It doesn’t happen all too often. The moment when you have to take at least five minutes off to think about the record you just heard… “Kinder Versions” is the most avant-garde record by Mammút to date. It’s an album that doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. It doesn’t give a fuck about what you think about it. It’s a solitary piece of music that doesn’t look for understanding.
Kinder Versions” is here to stay. It’s present. And it’s unforgiving.
You’ll either hate it or love it. There’s no in between. And you know we appreciate records like this.
This record exceeded all expectations I had. And now stop reading this review and go listen to this masterpiece.


Personal Favorites: 

Kinder Version
The Moon Will Never Turn On Me
Pray For Air

Take a Listen: 


★★★★★★★★★★ // PERFECTION. 


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