Maj Karma – Peltisydän



Released: 05/02/2016 FIN

This is the moment we were waiting for since 2009.
Seven years after the release of “Salama”, Harjavalta’s very own Maj Karma is back on track again along with a new album entitled “Peltisydän” – And I think it’s indeed one of the most anticipated releases for us.
So… Let’s get to the review now.

The opening track “Sotaa ei tule” isn’t a hit-song and might be a grower for someone who isn’t that familiar with the earlier material of Maj Karma.
Sotaa ei tule” is quite typical for the band’s sound in a different way and after you’ve taken the 10th listen to it, you might finally understand what’s happening – And that’s exciting!
The title track “Peltisydän” will probably catch you with its everything as well as “Sydän hakkaa miljoonaa”.

Peltisydän” continues with the single “Puumiekka” and if you seriously expected a hit-song from Maj Karma… Here it is. It might be incomparable with “Satiinisydän” from the band’s previous album “Salama” which is probably the ultimate Maj Karma track for me, but “Puumiekka” still has its own magic to it. But still, my expectations for “Peltisydän” aren’t met. Not yet.
An in-your-face-moment comes around together with “Pelastakaa lapset” being followed by “Kukaan ei huomaa mua” which is probably the main highlight on “Peltisydän”. Right. Maj Karma is back indeed.

Tyttö ilman talvea” is the next big thing and you should probably take a listen to it right away. But that’s still not everything what this record has to offer.
There are a couple of memorable moments on “Telekineesi” (English-speaking people are thankful for this title right now) as well as on “Laulu vapaudelle!”, but they’re not sticking out anyhow.
Pikkusisko” is again… A bit different.

Peltisydän” follows with “2016”, which goes straight into the personal-favorites-list and the happy end comes together with “Onnellinen loppu”. And for once, the mood gets a bit less melancholic here. A perfect finale.




Maj Karma did it and “Peltisydän” was definitely worth the long wait.
It’s not an album that would grow on you already from the first listen. Not at all. And Maj Karma never did these kinds of records. Not that I’d remember.
Generally, it’s a very interesting and enjoyable record once you’ve let it close to you. I just wish I would understand more than just 50% from all the lyrics (which is 50% more from what I understood when discovering Maj Karma back in 2007. Hahhh!).

Personal favorites:

  • Sydän hakkaa miljoonaa
  • Kukaan ei huomaa mua
  • Tyttö ilman talvea
  • 2016

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