Lost In Music 2017 – A Report 3/3

Woman on a mission – Nyman-Sramkova in Tampere, covering one of the most exciting music festivals of Finland, featuring hot new-comers and promising live acts everybody should care about.

The last day at Lost In Music made me realise I’m a human, not a machine, so I had to accept that checking out more than six bands on one evening is a task that can’t be fulfilled without changing venues every fifteen minutes. Already feeling like death on legs, I simply decided to focus on the things happening in Pakkahuone/Klubi once I arrived there, as the night started off in Olympia – A venue that kinda reminded me of a Tampere equivalent of Helsinki’s Virgin Oil. Now… Let’s also take a look at the first band of our Saturday.


#mostfunperformance: Ikinä

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What a way to kick off the last night of Lost In Music. Really. If you’re looking for a Metal/Rock band with an original concept, here’s Ikinä for you and as someone once mentioned… It’s a bit like PMMP but Metal and by far more enjoyable. I mean, can you think of another band in this genre with two female vocalists? I can’t and that’s what makes Ikinä stand out. Musically, it reminded me of something in the likes of Dead By April, but less straightforward with more surprising twists.

The mood was pretty wicked at the show and too bad I had to back out to catch the next band in Klubi, but you can be sure that Ikinä has got all my support after this.


#mosticonicperformance vol.2: Honningbarna

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Who the hell hasn’t heard about this Norwegian Punk Rock troupe at least once? Forget about Battle Beast and all the likes of it, Honningbarna was the must-see band that delivered one of the wildest shows of this festival. There was quite some crowdsurfing and a cello was involved too. What the fuck was even happening there? And why am I unable to recall titles of the tracks that we heard that night? Oh, well… It’s because it was all in Norwegian. And you know what? Don’t let language barriers stop you from enjoying some fucking great music. Honningbarna is a Punk band with a class and Tampere knows it. Full stop.


After this went down, the Power Metal band Thunderstone was set to perform in Pakkahuone. I remember them being at the Finnish pre-selection of Eurovision some ten years ago or something. Not sure if anything changed musically from that time. Probably not, it’s still Power Metal just as I remembered it. And the good thing about Thunderstone was, that they’re not over-dramaticizing their genre. Thumbs up for that.


#mostWTFperformance: Teksti-TV 666

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Back in Klubi again, I had the joy of hearing this interesting band called Teksti-TV 666 and even though I was familiar with their sound before, I still walked into the venue not knowing what to expect. It turned out that I liked these dudes a lot more live than on records and all the EPs they released to far. Next time I’ll try smoking something before venturing out to see this band – I’m sure I’ll be much more devoted to the music then. And you know, sometimes you just can’t have only one guitar. You have to have shitloads of them to get the desired effect. Why not, actually?

You know, Teksti -TV 666 truly belongs to the bands you should check out at least once. What they do is on the experimental side.


#mostmetalperformance: Turmion Kätilöt

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No matter how underwhelming their latest record “Dance Panique” was, Turmion Kätilöt, an established live act, made it up with a heavy show and a strong setlist featuring tracks like “Grand Ball” or “Minä Määrään“, just to name some tracks that truly stood out.
For anyone who’s absolutely unfamiliar with this Industrial Metal band, Turmion Kätilöt is a bit like the Finnish answer to Rammstein, but more melodic and less predictable. It was quite a show, just as expected – to say it in the words of Thom Yorke: “No alarms and no surprises.”

I was still hanging around the place when DJ Proteus was doing his thing, including some remixed version of Metallica‘s “Master Of Puppets” which was much more listenable than the original. I still hate Metallica. Yes, I said it.


But after three nights of music non-stop it was time to say goodbyes and return to a more silent place. My head is still buzzing.
And no matter what, the mission of the Dead Partner was still successful.
Thanks to everyone who made this whole thing come together. You all surely know who you are. See you soon. Not the two-years-soon, hopefully.

PS: And thanks to Czech Airlines for upgrading all my flights without letting me know. Love you.


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