Lost In Music 2017 – A Report 2/3

Woman on a mission – Nyman-Sramkova in Tampere, covering one of the most exciting music festivals of Finland, featuring hot new-comers and promising live acts everybody should care about.

Is there a thing like the post-first-festival-day-melancholy? I’m sure there is and I feel like I’ve been hit by some of its symptoms… Getting overly emotional about how wonderful the city as at late night, for example… But hey, life goes on and so does Lost In Music. This is about what happened on Friday and the goal set for that evening was to see as many artists as possible.

What was the most iconic performance this time? We’ll find out. Maybe.


#mostlaidbackperformance: Aleksanteri Hakaniemi

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I arrived to Klubi when Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth were playing, the whole venue being twice as packed than on Thursday. Well, baby, it’s pop music! It’s more lovable and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a good time listening to it. Happy smiley face.

Anyway, soon after that you could run to the neighbouring Pakkahuone and enjoy what Aleksanteri Hakaniemi has to offer. His style reminded me a bit of Ed Sheeran and it’s obvious why he had a bunch of fangirls admiring him from the first row. It was an okay performance. Nothing all too extravagant, nothing special that would carve itself into your memory and the songs that could be heard flew by nicely. Maybe I’d rethink the stage attire the next time. The musicians including Mr. Hakaniemi looked more like construction workers which was a bit questionable at first. But we’re at a music festival. Not at fashion week.


My initial plan was to check out the rising singer-songwriter Vesta – Or, you know, staying there for more than ten minutes. But, you know… The venue got too crowded which was a bit uncomfortable to me at the moment. After ten minutes of watching Vesta, I came to the conclusion that her attitude and voice remind me of a modern-day version of young Yvonne Přenosilová, a famous Czechoslovakian singer who rose to fame in the 1960s. A really cool thing. Do I regret that I didn’t stay longer? Yes, I kinda do.


I moved over to Dog’s Home which was a short walk away from Klubi to check out Rain Dairy (who have just released a new record) for a bit and the overall atmosphere of the venue put me off a little. You wouldn’t really expect good bands to play there, you know…

Anyway, if you want to describe the performance of Rain Dairy, let’s just say it’s almost like an occult ritual. I liked what I saw, but I had to run back to the main hall to catch the next show.


#mostmagicalperformance: Kauriinmetsästäjät

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Kauriinmetsästäjät sparked a light of hope within me with their performance and their fun mixture of Pop and Electronica. The duo filled the big stage well, supported by a light show that gave their performance a mysterious, dark but still uplifting vibe.

The mood in Pakkahuone was pretty tight and I heard that Vesta joined them on stage for “Revi mua” later on. I also heard it was cool. I must’ve been on the way to the sold-out Jack The Rooster by then…


#mostmetalperformance: Huora

Whatever happens in Jack The Rooster stays there and what happened there on Friday was indeed a little odd. Again, I followed the suggestion of an acquaintance of mine (not the one who told me to see One Desire the other night) to check out this Punk Rock band from Tampere and things got weird from there on. I remember lots of people clapping… Some noises… Major confusion from my side… And then… Well, then they started their set. Here’s a shitty phone video of Huora at Lost In Music and see for yourself. Some real Punk spirit going on.


I awfully missed out on the festival’s headliner Saara, coming to the venue where she performed around the last couple of tracks. One of the songs you could hear was “The Best Never Rest” and… Yeah, she’s kinda right with saying that. I didn’t rest since last Sunday. Other than that, I really admired her hairdo. Reminded me of a good friend of mine.


#mostatmosphericperformance: Satellite Stories

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The last artist on my personal schedule was the Alternative Rock band Satellite Stories and their show catapulted them to the still incomplete list of Top 5 live acts of this festival. Playing some tracks from their latest album “Young Detectives” (“Radiant” and “Waiting For“, anyone?) as well as some previous material, Satellite Stories brought Klubi to a near-euphoric state and rightly so. Seeing this powerhouse was quite satisfying after a hard night of running between venues. You just cannot not have a good time with this troupe which delivered one of the rawest shows seen on Friday.

While Thursday at Lost In Music proved to be one of the most unbeatable festival-openings I’ve seen in a long time, the second day didn’t bring any big surprises with it. It was mainly about having a good-vibes-night listening to some of the coolest artists Finnish Pop music has to offer right now.
And what’s gonna happen on Friday? Lot’s of Metal, my friends!


Photos & everything else by M. Nyman-Sramkova


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