Lord Of The Lost – From The Flame Into The Fire


Released: 23.05.2014 GER

Lord Of The Lost is a band that I don’t really need to introduce to our readers anymore. The five guys hailing from Hamburg released a new album two years after their break-through record entitled “Die Tomorrow” and the hopes were high.
First of all, when you get a new record into your hands and you can’t remember its name on the first look, well, it’s up to you but I think it’s never a good sign – I needed three attempts until I had the title written right. Fire and flame caused the main confusion already before taking the first listen.
But when you finally insert the record into the player of your choice?

Fists Up In The Air” is the first track you’ll hear on “From The Flame Into The Fire” and damn, this promises another nice Lord Of The Lost album. A brand new energy flowing through the whole song, but yet it shows Lord Of The Lost the way we all know them. But darker than ever before. A great opener.
The next track “Kingdom Come” is as promising as the previous song and I have nothing to add to it but then you hear it…

An odd intro… I swear you’re not listening to another stupid Spotify advertisment… No. You are just about the hear that monster called “La Bomba”. I had mixed feelings about this song ever since it came out as a single and… Well… The chorus is nice and catchy, but the rest? Well, make your opinion about it.
For me it’s the most stupid and lyric-wise the most pathetic song I ever heard in a long time. But at least the guys of the band seem to be proud of it.

With “La Bomba” my high expectations on the best Gothic Rock album of the year just exploded but the first single “Afterlife” is here to safe the day.
And too bad that I have to say that it is the only song really worth listening from this album until now. “Afterlife” is just… Everything fits in this piece. From the guitars to the soft keyboard melodies and perfect drums… I think I won’t be killed by this band’s crazy fanbase by telling that it’s the best Lord Of The Lost song ever. I could appreciate more songs like this though.

Kill It With Fire” is a solid in-your-face track but has nothing to it that could really surprise you. Same goes for “Six Feet Underground” that could easily be also on the band’s second album “Antagony”. And I think I won’t mention anything about the band’s lyrical efforts.
With “Go To Hell” you can see some light in this dark pit of “From The Flame Into The Fire”. Well, this heavy ballad is definitely another should-hear next to “Afterlife”.

The next song entitled “Odium” is just another everything but groundbreaking song on the tracklist and “My Own Shadow” achieves to be one of the songs with the most unimaginative songwriting on this album. At some point you really get bored… And I think we don’t really need Lord Of The Lost to tell us something we all know as they do in a song surprisingly named “Bitch”. Or is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that “Life’s a bitch”?

After that it’s kinda nice to hear “I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead” but still it’s nothing that would get my attention on the first listen. Then you’ll hear “Holy F” or “Holy F***” or “Holy Fuck” – You name it. And… Well, then you are really left here, thinking “What the fuck did I just hear?”. An attempt at Opera Metal? Wannabe. At least the title does justice to the song.
In A Perfect World” is the last song you’ll hear on “From The Flame Into The Fire” and well, it is still nicer than the previous three songs.
And then I was left here… Not knowing what I should think about this album.


After a few more listens, I decided on one thing: Fucking great live – fucking mediocre in studio. That’s what the the band around the frontman Chris Harms delivers in my opinion. Nothing more. They indeed have a great promo and their live shows are always special but when you listen to the albums you are a little bit disappointed. At least this is how it went for me.

From The Flame Into The Fire” could bring more diversity. Instead, it’s just an album that will impress every young Gothic fangirl of this German band. And that’s the sad truth about it, my friends.

Personal Favorites:

  • Afterlife
  • Go To Hell

5 / 10

Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, May 2014

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