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Release: 29/07/2016 GER

Lord Of The Lost are at it again. It’s been two years since the release of their previous studio album with a way too complicated title (Review HERE), but the band wasn’t silent at all during this two-year-period between major studio albums.
They released a record containing orchestral versions of their songs, an absolutely tasteless EP called “Full Metal Whore” and a live album too. You see, Lord Of The Lost are keeping their fans happy.

Empyrean” is a concept album and according to the press text, the band hailing from Hamburg will take us on “mankind’s last great journey”. Well, that actually sounds like they have a plan, right?

The opener bears the name “Miss Machine” and its intro bears a slight resemblance to something you could find in the soundtrack to “Inception”. But let’s not talk about that.
The track simply sounds like everything else Lord Of The Lost have ever done. There’s nothing new about their sound and it’s just not exciting at all.
A slight spark of hope lights up together with “Drag Me To Hell”. Every aspect of this track might be predictable, but “Drag Me To Hell” managed to be kinda interesting. Especially when compared to the following song “The Love Of God” and its annoying main riff. The fact, that “we all have lost the love of God” is not shocking anymore.
Could you be a tad more creative next time, for the love of God?

But trust me, it gets fucking cool right here! “Raining Stars” incorporates everything I actually expected from the album in the first place. Too bad, that this was the only song on “Empyrean” that really met my expectations.
With “In Silence” things get more Gothic Rock again and we’ve already heard something similar before from this German band. “In Silence” won’t surprise you. But not even “Black Oxide” will and the female vocals are not making it any better either.

Interstellar Wars” comes and… Tries to take the place of “Raining Stars”. That’s not happening, because all we get is a rather uninspired chorus with roaring guitars and some synths.
Why does every Lord Of The Lost album sound identical? I don’t know myself, but the track entitled “Doomsday Disco(title borrowed from Iconcrash, huh?) tried to erase the missing musical diversity of this record. It sounds very promising during the first minute and afterwards I’m not really sure what happened. The track has potential which – if used – could make this track to a real highlight of this album. Instead, all my hopes vanished at this moment.

Death Penalty” comes up next and again I had the feeling, that I already heard something like this from Lord Of The Lost. Nothing exciting, nor memorable here!
That fact kinda changes with the rather Industrial piece called “No Gods, No War”, yet there’s still something missing… What is that? Can someone tell me?

The Interplay Of Life And Death” asks a couple of philosophical questions about the existence of the mankind and is pretty catchy too. It almost blew me from my seat. It’s something!
The next thing coming straight at you is called “Utopya” (not a typo) and at this moment I find it really hard to concentrate on this record… There’s nothing that would hook you to it and force you to not let go of it while it’s playing… Well, let’s just say that “Empyrean” doesn’t work that way.
Be patient, because the ending track on this record is worth it. “Where Is All The Love” manages to bring a solid ending to “Empyrean”.
At least something…




Lord Of The Lost has become an established act in the German Gothic scene mostly because of their original style. Unfortunately the band’s sound is far from original and seems to get recycled from album to album but hey, those edgy Gothic fangirls stuffed in corsets like it! They don’t care about the quality and they’ll buy everything off, right?

I’ll be honest, “Empyrean” was more of a disappointment than a semi-okay record and I’m not surprised by it turning out the way it did. It lacked in diversity and if you’re already familiar with the music of Lord Of The Lost, you could automatically predict what was going to happen next in the song-structure. The album simply didn’t offer anything that could get you hooked to it and the singles were rather weak too – And it’s been the strong single-tracks that kept previous Lord Of The Lost albums going.
It’s quality VS quantity, my friends. Keep that in mind.

Personal Favorites:

  • Drag Me To Hell
  • Raining Stars
  • The Interplay Of Live And Death

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Written by Nyman-Sramkova. July 2016.

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