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Released: 06/05/2016 ITA

Ashes Of Fate” is the name of the long-awaited sophomore album by the Italian Modern Metal band Logical Terror.
Five years have passed since the release of the band’s strong debut album “Almost Human” and now Logical Terror are back, stronger than ever before.
But anyway… What can you expect from “Ashes Of Fate”? Well, stick with us to find out more!

10.000 Falls” is the friendly punch to your face opening “Ashes Of Fate”. This hard-striking track will blow you away with its explosive riffs and the catchy chorus which can remind you of some Scandinavian band from this genre.
Talking about Scandinavian bands… The record offers a guest appearance of Björn Strid. The following track’s called “The World Was Mine” and the feature of the Soilwork frontman is definitely a nice promo-step for the up and coming Metal act from Italy.
Logical Terror keep on surprising us until now!

Track number three bears the name “Nowhere To Nowhere”. Yes, the video got featured in one of our New Music Posts. This one is a rather solid track. There’s nothing that would make you raise from your seat. Except the riffs and breakdowns that are typical for the band’s (updated) sound.
There’s a lot to headbang to, that’s for sure.
And if “Nowhere To Nowhere” didn’t raise you from your seat, then “Shattered Crown” definitely will. Just see for yourself.

One another highlight is the title track “Ashes Of Fate”. Oh, what a surprise! “Ashes Of Fate” – The song – got massively promoted around the web and rightly so. The track features guest vocals by Jon Howard of Threat Signal fame and that’s not the only thing it should be noted for. I mean… The chorus is simply… Fucking awesome. And that’s probably the best description ever.
Sleep Well The Darkest Night” follows after the madness brought with the previous track, and delivers something calmer when compared with the rest of the tracks. It’s melodic, it’s catchy and it’s something completely different from the band’s earlier material. And you know that’s a great thing.

What do we have next? Well, it’s “The Final Descent” and again I could throw some comparison with a random Scandinavian Metal band in here – which is not a bad thing. You understand.
And one more thing I should point out is the guitar work on this record. It’s… It’s great.
If you thought that you heard it all, “Another Day Gone” comes your way and brings something easy-going and catchy at the same time, yet remains its heavy sound.
Another Day Gone” has hit-potential.
With “Coming Undone” we’re reaching the final track of “Ashes Of Fate” and you’ll be blown away by it. There’s nothing else left to say. There’s nothing else left to do.
And that, my friends, is how Modern Metal should sound like.




Ashes Of Fate” surprised me in many ways. The album brought something with it, that I simply didn’t count with and that’s already a big plus.
The sound of Logical Terror got raised on many levels with “Ashes Of Fate” and please… Please don’t make me compare “Almost Human” with “Ashes Of Fate”. You can’t do it.
To bring it all to some end… This record has potential and Logical Terror have a big chance to actually make it out as an up and coming name of the European Metal scene. Let’s just hope for the best.

Personal favorites:

  • The World Was Mine
  • Shattered Crown
  • Ashes Of Fate
  • Sleep Well The Darkest Night
  • Coming Undone

Take a Listen:




Written by YDP-Collective. May 2016.

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