Logical Terror – Almost Human


Released: 2011 ITA

Scar Symmetry meets Electronic. There’s something truthful about this description of the band’s sound. Logical Terror, who are currently working on their second album, are hailing from the Modena province of Italy and the first time I ever heard about these five guys was at the Rock N’ Metalsoccer Festival in Luttach, in August 2013 and yes, I was quite surprised about how few people came to see them.
In 2011, Logical Terror released their first album entitled “Almost Human” and we’ll tell you what we think about this record.

On the following 8 songs, you’ll hear a blend of Modern Metal with Industrial, Electronic and Thrash elements, all beginning with the opening track “Nameless”. Rough guitars mixed with electronical elements, growls but also cleans. It’s pretty hard to find good bands that are good in this style, to be honest.
This song is a solid opener and yet it doesn’t steal all your excitement for what’s next to come.

Gender 3000” and its electronic intro that evolves into a fiery Metal track that won’t leave you cold with its catchy chorus. Well, do you, dear reader, even wonder why it ends up in my personal favorites just like the next song entitled “Monad 61” that will stay inside your mind for quite some time. If you’re looking for some good, new Modern Metal, I suggest you to take a listen to this one. The both vocalists Emi and Sic really deliver some good work on this track and Thor’s drumming is just plain awesome.
The first song Logical Terror shot a video for is entitled “Unfilled” that indeed has quite some Melodic Death Metal attitude.

By this time, you should already know, that you got to the half of “Almost Human”. What the fuck, you say? It’s quite exciting, isn’t it?
But the ride continues with “Degenerate Regenerate”. The maybe most experimental song on “Almost Human” and I just dig Ash’s guitar work in this track.
The robotic vocal-effect in “Self Extinction” was just the right turn-up for this song that is, well… Hate me or not – “Self Extinction” is this rather disco-track on “Almost Human”. At least I feel it like that.
I was expecting something mindblowing under this title, but yet I wasn’t really mindblown nor disappointed.

Collapse”, well what can I say here except that the tune of this song? Damn, just go and listen to it! Go and listen o one of the best and kinda underrated track of “Almost Human”. The guitar solo was a pretty nice and unplanned experience that shouldn’t be missed in this review.
And when you think you’ve heard it all, “Facing Eternity” comes up. A catchy melody, awesome work by the two axemen Ash and Sid… The complete lack of growls… The interlude with some string elements… Logical Terror should do more songs like this, in my opinion. It makes their music just even more interesting and unique than it already is.


Logical Terror are one of the bands that are still quite hidden in the music scene and we can only argue whether it’s good or not cause these guys really have potential to become something bigger.

Almost Human” perfectly shows what these five guys from Italy are capable of. Sure, there are some little parts that could be better and some in-your-face-experiences which is only good for the start. And your opinion is completely up to you.

Personal Favorites:

  • Gender 3000
  • Monad 61
  • Collapse
  • Facing Eternity


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, December 2013

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