Leprous – The Congregation



Released: 25/05/2015 NOR

Leprous definitely belong to the most interesting bands from Norway. Releasing their third album “Coal” in 2013, Norway’s finest Prog Rockers Leprous are back, armed with “The Congregation”.
And if “Coal” already blew our minds, then what is “The Congregation” gonna do? Well, I’ll tell you.

The record begins with “The Price”. It’s already a very interesting beginning and you may notice that Leprous really don’t want to be one of the bands that would release the same album over and over again.
They’re still playing something between Progressive Rock, Metal and Avant-garde, but they still manage to keep it all experimental and – as I said – interesting.
And one just has to love that synth in the intermission. Damn, one just has to love the whole song!
Third Law” can be heard next. And it’s not less impressive than the previous track. In fact, it’s actually everything Leprous always was about. The guitar riffs… The vocal lines… There’s simply everything you wanted to hear from these guys.
One of the highlights of “The Congregation” occurs with “Rewind”. And I don’t really want to use the word highlight right now, but you can’t say anything else. “Rewind” is indeed a very memorable experience and… Let’s just shut up and listen to in peace, what do you think?

The Flood” follows with a rather dark, minimalistic intro… Just to later blow you away. Here the band’s lead vocalist Einar Solberg proves himself again to be one of the best singer in this genre.
And is it only me or has “The Flood” a little “Bilateral”-feeling to it?
Unlike the previous track, “Triumphant” didn’t impress that much but still delivered the necessary feeling. Did Leprous try one on fellow Ihsahn here?
And “Within My Fence” just perfectly prepares you for the next few tracks:

Red” and “Slave” both make up a unity of songs that are simply… Well, not mindblowing but not far from it. You can’t really skip these ones when listening to “The Congregation”.
Exactly the same can be said about “Moon” as well.
But the real deal comes with “Down”. It was the moment I was waiting for when listening to this record. The first minute might not really sound like it, but hell… That chorus…
Just go and take a listen to it!
The Congregation” fulfilled my expectations at this point.
And then we’re getting to the final track of this album. “Lower” is unusually calm for Leprous. Indeed interesting to hear something like that and it’s indeed a very nice ending for this album.




Leprous did it again, my friends. They definitely did and “The Congregation” is another great album that is worth listening to.
Maybe it didn’t really top “Coal”, but it has its own highlights in an own way, not trying to copy the earlier material of Leprous.
It’s not less mindblowing than any other record by this band. And that’s just what I expected.

Personal Favorites:

  • The Price
  • Rewind
  • The Flood
  • Down
  • Lower

Take a Listen:





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