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One of the most anticipated releases of this year is finally here and it’s no secret that this release is the new album called “Malina” by Leprous. There’s absolutely no need to introduce this Norwegian Prog Rock band to you if you’re a frequent reader of this web, so let’s not waste any time. I know you want to know what Your Dead Partner thinks about “Malina” – Did you know the title translates into “raspberry” in Czech? Well, you know now.

The opener bears the name “Bonneville“. As mysterious as its title, this track shows Leprous in a different light. More playful and light, but still technical and… Mysterious. Yep. That word comes close. It’s different than pretty much everything what Leprous have put out in the last couple of years and that’s what will amaze you the most. “Malina” will be a game changer. You feel it.
Continuing with the second single taken off this record, “Stuck” manages to bring you back to the more familiar waters of the band’s music smoothly. Expect to hear a remarkable chorus and some surprises. I won’t spoil it for you.
Say hello to the first single! “From The Flame” follows and admit it, you listened the shit out of this song! I did and I admit it. And it seems that the vocal performance of Einar Solberg is getting better with every record. So far, I’ve been loving every second of “Malina” and I’m strangely hyped to hear it live soon. 

With a length of 3:44, “Captive” is the shortest track you’ll find on this record and the band’s signature staccato guitar riffs will pull you right into whatever is happening on this song. “Illuminate” is another single that came out just a week before the release of “Malina” and hell, I got goosebumps from it and I’m not sure why. This doesn’t happen all too often. “Illuminate” is one of these songs that are soft, yet powerful in a sublime way. After a very abrupt ending of “Illuminate” we get to hear something unusual. “Leashes” comes around and you feel like Leprous broke out of the glass box that held their music back on the last two records (“The Congregation” and “Coal“, for those who do not know). “Leashes” sounds like freedom even though the title or lyrics wouldn’t tell you so. The first breath you take when you finally get out from a crowded place or an elevator – That’s how this song feels like.  A highlight of the highest quality. Should I say that “Leashes” is the best track since “The Valley“? I do not know… 

The amazing journey continues with “Mirage“. A track that will play around with your mind up to the point where you’ll ask yourself if you really heard that or not… It’s one of the more experimental tracks you’ll find on “Malina” and it could be used well as a soundtrack to some avant-garde psychological horror movie. And now… Let’s not talk about the album’s title track. Let’s just listen to it. No words. Nothing… Just let the music do its work. Trust me, it’s better that way and soon you’ll know why.  Coma” follows and suddenly, you don’t know what’s happening anymore. This track will trample on your emotions and the drumming only adds to it. Can an album be more insane? The next thing you’ll hear is called “The Weight Of Disaster” and the chorus of this track will just jump into your face. 

“Paradigma – Broken stigma”

At this point I’m fully convinced that words cannot describe the music well. At least not the music you hear on this record. The last track you’ll hear on “Malina” is “The Last Milestone“. And these are the last words I’m gonna lose about it. Go and listen for yourselves.

It feels like Leprous have rewritten the history of Progressive Rock on “Malina” and while at it, they’ve also rediscovered themselves. The band has found a new and undiscovered terrain on this record. “Malina” is dramatic, tremendous and absolutely mind-absorbing – That would explain why I had a crying attack during the last minutes of it. It’s a daring, yet overly enjoyable record that will manipulate the listener to think about the deeper meanings hidden behind the music.
Leprous have released a masterpiece with “Malina“. A well deserved full rating right here. Thank you, gentlemen.

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The Last Milestone

★★★★★★★★★★ // PERFECTION.


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