Leprous – Coal


Released: 28.05.2013 NOR

Black Metal isn’t the only thing coming from the deep Norwegian forrests. No. In fact, Norway has more to offer than many Black Metal bands.
I’m sure that you heard about Leprous at least once.
This avant-garde Progressive Metal band hailing from Notodden gained attention by supporting Therion in 2010 and Amorphis in 2011, releasing two full-length albums.
The third record was released in May 2013 and what is waiting for you when insterting “Coal” into your CD player?

The opening track “Foe” already sums up everything what you’re going to hear in the next approximately one hour. The powerful and clear vocals of the band’s singer and synth-player Einar Solberg are adding even more epicness factor to the deep and melancholic vibe of this track. The outro of this one is also interesting.
Chronic” comes up next with quite classically sounding keyboard parts, but the hard hitting drumming by Tobias Ørnes Andersen and the riffs played by the axemen Tor Oddmund Suhrke and Øystein Landsverk are changing this into a Progressive Death Metal track, the vocalist performing some shouts as well and when you hear that pure, yet energetic chorus… Do I need to add something else to the rest of the song?

Coal” is a song you need to listen first to realize what you actually heard because this track is what the term “Modern Progressive Metal” means. More or less. You better go and have your own picture of this one. The sudden tempo changes, the melody pattern changes into something completely different, so you think you’re listening to something else, while you’re still at the third track of the album bearing the same name as the track you’re just listening to…

“Witness the details…”

After this epic track you’ll get to hear “The Cloak”, you’ll also get to hear that Einar’s vocals are pretty versatile. Strong, yet refined… And those falsetto’s in the über-great chorus which is supported by the explosive, heavy music… This one is a song really worth to hear.
And if you think that “Coal” already offered you everything… You’re fucking wrong! The highlight of this album is yet to come…
Drums, synths, rather melancholic vibe and that impressive voice… You’re really hyped to hear what next is going to happen… And then THAT melody beats you back in your seat, forcing you to concentrate on what you’re hearing… A catchy melody, that lurks like an earworm through your head, succeeding in its mission to stay in there… The guitar riffs…

“Where you are, my secret star?”

Oh yes. This is “The Valley”. That one song causing you goosebumps. Admit it, you are amazed while listening to this.
The last part of this track is just… Summing it all up. The musical climax. And then suddenly… Everything you heard is… Gone. In the past and that’s the moment when you’ll hear the first tones of “Salt”. This one is nothing when compared to its precedor, still it has its own magic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t wanna tell you anything, but we’re slowly getting to the end of this album.
The 8th out of 9 songs from “Coal” is entitled “Echo”. You experience something similar as in “Salt”. The own magic… That middle part of the song is simply one of the best things I heard this year… And those background vocals in the choruses which return for the outro to achieve the similar delay effect that can be heard in the outro of “Foe”… Another awesome piece of music. And this… This is really goodbye.

Contaminate Me” is the last song of  this amazing journey taking you on the more aggressive and Death Metallic side of the band’s music… Featuring Ihsahn! Well, you better go and hear for yourself.
Leprous proved with “Coal” that there isn’t only Black Metal coming out from the depths of Norwegian woods.


Leprous did it, my friends. Mindblown, without words… The best album I heard in 2013. No questions asked.
The only thing left to do is that you go and take a listen yourself if you didn’t.

Personal favorites:

  • Foe
  • The Cloak
  • The Valley
  • Echo



Take a Listen:

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