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Released: 27/02/2015 FIN

After a friendly in-your-face-hit called “ΓΟΛΕ” (Or simply “Love”) that saw the light of this world in 2012, Lapko strike back again.
The now four-pieced band originating from Harjavalta released their sixth album “Freedom” in February and what can we expect from it?
Do you know what freedom sounds and what it feels like? Lapko will show you.

The ride starts with the opener “Geeky Moron” and its no-compromises-attitude. It gives this kind of “We’re here”-vibe off and provides an energetic entry. Just the way it should be.
It all flows over to “Money For Nothing”, but instead of chicks there’s freedom for free. Well, you decide on what you prefer.
I’ll just say that choosing “Money For Nothing” as the first single was indeed a very clever choice since the song itself doesn’t really tell much about what you can expect from “Freedom”.
Rave In Peace” comes up next and is definitely a grower for the first few times since it’s not really something I’d say is typical for Lapko, but all this… All this is only the beginning.

No Hate Without A Heart” introduces you to the real highlights of the album and if there’s something I always liked the most about this band, then it’s the lyrics.
You know, nowadays it’s rather hard finding artists and bands with lyrical themes that one can relate to and are worth thinking about. Originality is priceless.
The following tracks “Run Boy Run” with it’s americanized sound and “Back In Fashion” definitely belong to the already mentioned highlights as well as “Black Corridor” which is the ultimate must-hear from “Freedom”.
Nothing else left to say except my usual “Go and check it out for yourself”-line.
And hell, the catchy chorus of “Bug Chaser” almost forces you to sing along.

After hearing “Brave Hands” it gets clear that Lapko are stronger than ever before on this record.
Is it only a coincidence or is the “A bruise in the black skies” part a reference to “Love Is Sick And Wrong” from the previous album?
And now, my friends, we’re heading to the last song. Yep. Already.
It’s “Death Grip” and sometimes it’s really hilarious how some tracks can cause a minor emotional devastation for me without no apparent reason at all… Simply said, “Death Grip” is a perfect ending for “Freedom” as it manages to sum up everything you’ve heard so far.




Lapko are one of those bands that can’t release the same album over and over again. Their sound is constantly developing and that’s noticeable throughout their discography.
Freedom” isn’t a record you’d hear only once to make an opinion about it. It’s a detailed record that needs to be spent time with. It’s always a little grower in the beginning as it is with every album from this band, but that’s actually the thing that makes it even more exciting and enjoyable in the end.
The full rating is more than deserved here.


Personal Favorites:

  • Geeky Moron
  • Run Boy Run
  • Black Corridor
  • Brave Hands
  • Death Grip

Take a listen:




Written by M. Nyman – March 2015

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