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Release: 03/03/2016 AUT

One of the main purposes of Your Dead Partner was to introduce the readers to unknown and interesting (maybe often underrated) artists from our area and beyond.
Ok, I admit that this might have changed since we’re currently on a more classic-music-webzine-with-a-special-twist-way but we’re always happy to review albums by artists that want to be found somehow. We want to give a chance to everyone.

This time, we’re taking a look at the debut solo-album by an Austrian musician known as Lando.
The thing’s called “Machine Men” and if you wanna know what’s coming at you… Lots of Game Boys, Spacerock and 8-bit tunes.
But that’s not everything. Let me show you…

Machine Men” kicks off with a track called “DNCPRTY” aka “Danceparty” and damn, what a catchy tune it is! It might not be the best thing to dance to, but it will still throw you into a certain party-mood with its corny video-game sound and the next track coming at you bears the name “Dreamland”. I don’t know why, but it reminded me of those old Pokémon games. Good times, good times! It just makes you want to go exploring the pixels of some retro video-game again.

The rather mysterious track “Starship” follows and let’s say that this is one of the Spacerock tracks on “Machine Men”. It has some Rock-attitude to it and the same thing can be told about “Brain”.
Besides that, “Brain” also ended up on my personal-favorites list for this record. The synths in this one are probably one of the best things I heard this year when it comes to the Electronic genre.
Climax” comes up next and the Swedish band Machinae Supremacy wouldn’t be ashamed of such a track if you’d add some Metal elements.

Alright… What else does Lando offer on his record?
Well, if you think that “Machine Men” won’t get anymore interesting, “Doctor” comes to prove you wrong. The 11 minutes long track will probably sum up everything you heard on “Machine Men” so far. And do you knows what’s unbelievable about “Doctor”? It’s 11 minutes and it doesn’t get boring at any point. Lando is probably the first chip tune artist who managed to keep a track at this length enjoying, despite the repetitive leitmotivs used in it.
It all follows with “Ballerina” and this one is just plain lovely.

Machine Men” – the song – kinda reminded me of the opener “DNCPRTY” before it got a little bit annoying in the end. Blame it on the high-pitched bleeps. Yeah, my ears are a bit sensitive to that.
The record gets to its final turns with “Aurora” which is probably the biggest song on “Machine Men”. The build-up feels generic at first, but develops into something epic the more you listen to the album. That’s a great thing!
Aurora” was the icing on the cake. “Machine Men” is definitely a worthy record.




Lando brings something fresh with “Machine Men”. His music is new and unconventional for the Austrian music scene and the record is actually solid and mature, regarding the fact that it’s a debut album. The real question is following: Is Austria ready for this?
Well, it depends. But I’ll let you decide.

Machine Men” is a very enjoyable record in every way. There are tracks that will throw you straight back into the time when Game Boys were still in vogue. These tracks will make you smile. And there are also some weaker moments which will be forgotten anyway.
Lando’s “Machine Men” sound like a big soundtrack coming straight from a Nintendo game and that’s something that made the record very interesting to me.

Personal favorites:

  • Brain
  • Climax
  • Ballerina
  • Aurora

Take a listen:




Written by Nyman-Sramkova. May 2016.

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