Lädret release new single “Studenten”


One thing is for sure: We will probably never know who is behind Lädret, but that fact makes their music even more interesting. Their new single “Studenten” is out now via psykbunkern. Take a listen to it!

Musically the most uplifting Lädret song to date, the lyrics of “Studenten” (Translates into “Graduation“) could be about about the anxiety you, at a certain age in life, feel at this time of the year. But who knows?
Does the group consisting of four faceless persons know? Nobody knows and Lädret will not tell you. And this veil of mystery makes it all even more exciting for all of us.

Also make sure to check out the previous singles “Nittonhundranittiofem” (that’s 1995 in Swedish – Video here) and “Förjävligt” which debuted as a Christmas present in 2017.


Source: psykbunkern

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