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An album in a blinding shade of communist red. So fucking red it hurts your eyes. And Kraftklub. No. Not Kraftwerk. It’s Kraftklub even though we admit that we also confused this band with the legendary Kraftwerk years ago.
Anyway, in Germany this band is massively hyped and their anticipated third studio album “Keine Nacht Für Niemand” (“No Night For Anybody“) saw it’s release earlier this month. We’re here to check it out so you don’t have to and let’s find out if the band deserves all their hype. And I won’t necessarily provide translations.

The record starts off with “Band Mit Dem K“. Okay, you get a simple riff and an uninspired chorus. There’s nothing about this track that would actually stick in your mind. Nothing that would make you recall this opener. Hallelujah. Moving on to “Leben ruinieren” and you’re secretly hoping that your own life won’t get ruined by this. If you understand what Kraftklub are singing about, you’ll find 95% of their songs amazingly entertaining (at least I do) and this song is no different. The lyrics are basically the thing that makes this band stand out in their genre. On the musical side, even “Leben ruinieren” is more like… I don’t know… There’s just nothing catchy about it but let’s not lose any hope, okay?
Chemie Chemie Ya” – I seriously wonder what to expect from a song going under this title. An ode for science classes in high school? Ugh. But no. Wait… It’s actually about drugs and the chorus is the catchiest thing you’ll hear up to now.

Keine Nacht Für Niemand” continues with “Am Ende” and it seems that it’s getting better with every track. “Am Ende” is that one typical song by Kraftklub. A song, where you can instantly recognize the band’s sound. It was a solid one. Nothing more. The single called “Fenster” comes up with some funky elements and a great message. Fuck you, non-German speaking people. But even if you don’t understand a word what’s being said, you’ll enjoy it. It’s a bit more dramatic than what we’ve heard before, the chorus being quite a highlight. And… Don’t jump out from the window, please.
Life’s not that bad.
Fan von Dir” is different, but differently amazing. Am I wrong or is this the first time we heard some acoustic guitars on a Kraftklub track? Anyway, this song will bring up some feelings, the last minute being on the verge of epic and it will bring back all your hope for German music – it’s not just Rammstein, you know.

The ride goes on with “Hausverbot (Chrom & Schwarz)” and after the previous amazing tracks, we get a minor letdown again. But it’s fine, you’re not disappointed at all, that track you’re hearing is just a bit too dull to keep up with the rest. “Dein Lied” however, is a surprise from the beginning to the end. Released as the first single to promote “Keine Nacht Für Niemand“, this track just blew it all apart – in a good way, of course. Accompanied by cinematic strings, “Dein Lied” is something nobody expected from Kraftklub. And to the lyrics… Well, that’s a topic for itself.
Sklave” aka “Slave” is that one song you’ve waited for. With an intro sounding like coming straight from the 80s, this track delivers another message pretty much everyone can relate to. It’s ridiculously catchy, throughly enjoyable and that uplifting beat is everything. And by the way, check out the video over here.

In “Venus” you’ll hear the most creative censorship of the word “fick” in the verses and “Hallo Nacht” is probably one of the weirdest and coolest song titles at the same time I’ve heard in a long time. Both these tracks can be labeled as plain solid though, but I generally enjoyed the guitar work there. And to sum it all up, we’re getting a real Rock N’ Roll hit to close down the chapter called “Keine Nacht Für Niemand“. And if you want to know what “Liebe zu Dritt” is all about… Well, I guess you’ll have to take a listen to this album yourself.

Keine Nacht Für Niemand” is a nice record that won’t disappoint anyone. Kraftklub fans will love it, everyone else will enjoy it. Or not. Depends. It’s an album that doesn’t offer a drastic musical shift, mostly because Kraftklub already found their signature style. When compared to the band’s previous albums “In Schwarz” and “Mit K“, I really missed some kind of a “hit song” that would stay in my mind for hours – just like “Schüsse In Die Luft“, just to have an example.
Did it bother me? No.
Kraftklub are still one of the few bands that make German sound wonderful and “Keine Nacht Für Niemand” is another nice proof of it. The record could need some songwriting diversity though, but again. Did it bother me? Did it bother anyone else? No?
You see… “Keine Nacht Für Niemand” is a good one.

Personal favorites:

Chemie Chemie Ya
Fan von Dir

Take A Listen:


★★★★★★★☆☆☆ // GOOD. Everything is beautiful.


Written by YDP-Collective. June 2017.

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