Kings & Kerosene – Liquid Soundtrack

Released: 01.04.2013 FIN

Kings & Kerosene hailing from the Finnish town Joensuu just released their debut album entitled “Liquid Soundtrack” and are a quite good proof for that it all can work out also without being signed to a label.
This five-piece group released their first studio effort on the 1st April 2013 and no, this is definitely no April Fools Joke. Wanna know why?

First, you have an intro coming up, stylized into a radio broadcast and then you’ll hear the first riffs of the opening song “I Don’t Wanna Fall”. Hard hitting drums, heavy and Punkish riffs – everything in the way how Kings & Kerosene presented on their first EP. But now in a bit more aggressive form.
After a kick-ass opener you’ll get to hear “Burning For Love”. Not really as great as the first track, but not a bad one either. Still, I enjoy the guitar work in this one.

The first single off “Liquid Soundtrack” is “Soul Alone” and with its intro it might remind one of a Sleaze Rock ballad coming, but evolves into a fiery Rock song full of energy. It perfectly describes the music of Kings & Kerosene along with being pretty catchy, so it surely was a great choice for a single indeed.
Talking about ballads… The next track entitled “You Got Me To Blame” is somewhat calmer than what you’ve heard in the previous songs but still I can’t really refer to this song as a “ballad ” – not saying, that I don’t like to use this word in connection with Rock. But somehow I really have to say that this song turned out a bit too short.

A short intermission – again in the radio broadcast style which is really fitting the whole sound of the album and then you get another in-your-face Rock song “Out Of Control”. Maybe it’s time to mention that Tuomas “Dewey” Sormunen’s vocals are pretty versatile – especially in this song.
Problem Child”, the second single, comes up next and is another catchy piece – again accompanied with heavy riffs and everything.
And one another calm song. Nice. But this fact is not making “What About You” less kick-ass than it already is.

After this, you’ll hear “Any Day”. A song that might be familiar to people who have heard the EP and a song, that actually got me to Kings & Kerosene, so I don’t mind hearing the quite improved version of this song also on “Liquid Soundtrack”.
Love Don’t Lie”… And yeah, Kings & Kerosene really prove that they’re able making hard hitting and energetic Rock songs as well as such songs like “Love Don’t Lie” is, which come across pretty heartfelt.
The last song of “Liquid Soundtrack” is “You’ll Be A Star”. It’s such a catchy party song as I like to call it. Still, it didn’t really impress me but is a quite solid ending for the whole album.

After I gave some listens to “Liquid Soundtrack”, I have to say that Kings & Kerosene really did a great job with their debut album and admit, that they seem to be a pretty unique band in their style – at least in Finland, since I didn’t find another Finnish band sounding similar to Kings & Kerosene.

The effort given into the record is really showing and it makes me ask if it’s really necessary for a band to be signed to a label nowadays, when you can handle all the promotion and stuff involved by yourself.
All in all, “Liquid Soundtrack” is surely an album worth listening if you’re into bands like Hardcore Superstar but also if you just feel to discover a new band.
I also admit that it was a bit harder turn for me in reviewing. I’m really not sure about the rating, but I think 9 out of 10 is solid and fair enough.

Personal favorites:

  • I Don’t Wanna Fall
  • You Got Me To Blame
  • Problem Child
  • Any Day


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman – April 2013 – Edited July 2014

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