Kent – Då som nu för alltid


Released: 20/05/2016 SWE

This is the end of the road.
The popular Swedish Alternative Rock band Kent announced their dissolution after a career lasting 26 years and “Då Som Nu För Alltid” is the name of the band’s twelfth and final album.
Moments like these are always emotional and Kent managed to bring it to a brand new level.

Andromeda” is the name of the opener which will most likely drag you into the musical depths of this album.
On the first listen, “Andromeda” reminded me of something that could come from the band’s previous album “Tigerdrottningen”, but oh, “Andromeda” is just so much more exciting…
It all gets followed by “Tennsoldater” with it’s synthpop-ish attitude. Well, this song is one of the examples why Kent was a versatile band in their style. At least for me.
Vi är för alltid” got a place on the must-hear list right after the first listen. You know why. Other than that, “Vi är för alltid” just represents the whole situation well. The music of Kent will be here forever and you and me… We know that.

Am I getting too emotional here? Well, with songs like “Den västra stranden” and “Nattpojken & Dagflickan” one is kinda forced to show some feelings. Why can’t this record be at least a little bit more uplifting?
Forget what I said, okay? Just forget it.
The first single off “Då Som Nu För Alltid” bears the name “Vi är inte längre där” and I think that this song is one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard this year.
Förlåtelsen” is the next thing you’ll hear and manages to bring some diversity into the whole thing.

Då Som Nu För Alltid” continues with “Skyll inte ifrån dig” which is just plain nice. Nothing groundbreaking there. But that kinda changes with “Gigi”. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is THE SONG we were looking for on this record. It’s better no questions are asked.
But hey… The rollercoaster of melancholic melodies goes on with “Falska profeter” – Right another pearl.
And hups, here we are, standing before “Den sista sången”, which is – as the title already tells – the last song. The last song on this record, the last song by Kent.
It was a ride. And this track just makes justice to it all.



Då Som Nu För Alltid” is a goodbye-album and Kent delivered a grandiose album to call it quits with. The record didn’t leave you much space to actually think about the previous material of the band. The music was here and now for the moment. And that was all that mattered throughout the whole album.
The only thing “Då Som Nu För Alltid” lacked to be absolutely perfect was the fact, that it didn’t move me to tears at any point. That would just make it brilliant.

Personal favorites:

  • Tennsoldater
  • Vi är för alltid
  • Vi är inte längre där
  • Gigi

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