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TUHKA” EP is the second release from the Finnish rock band KARMIA after changing their lyrics from English to Finnish. In the early 2010’s while forming the band they took influences from the Japanese Visual Kei scene, but have recently shifted closer towards their melancholic Finnish roots. Before the recent language change KARMIA warmed up shows for a few Visual Kei artist’s visiting Finland, performed at Anime conventions and released a bunch of self-financed songs and videos in English and even in Japanese. After releasing a single called “Mistakes” combining English and Finnish lyrics together in one song, their native one started to feel more appealing. “After a long search we feel we have found our own style. Welcome to the world of KARMIA, where you can always see the dark at the end of the tunnel”, comments the band’s lead guitarist ANA.

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Okay, at the first sight upon the band’s name, I thought this band’s gonna be a Maj Karma tribute, but I’m taking that back. I never said that! My bad!
But hey, that mishap of mine actually lead me to take a closer look at Karmia, which is another band from Finland you probably never heard of, but should. At least once.
Now, today marks the release of Karmia’s second EP which is called “Tuhka” (“Ashes” – And that’s it with the translations I’m willing to provide at this time of day) and what about we go checking it out?

You’ll find four tracks on the EP and the title-giving opener will remind you of the “typical” Finnish Gothic-ish Rock sound, that became popular mainly outside Finland around 2006. The structure is clear and the chorus can be described as thoroughly catchy. It will throw you down the memory lane from eleven years ago, when every Finnish band you knew at the time sounded similarly. But back to the track again!
Something like this wouldn’t have worked in English and Karmia took indeed a very courageous decision by stepping over to Finnish.
I checked out the band’s English material too, by the way. That didn’t really cut it, so yeah… Finnish is the more natural choice here!

It continues with “Kirous” which is an energetic track that shows Karmia from a different perspective. It’s that one gentle in-your-face track you can always make a statement with. It’s a strong one.
Syytän sua kaikesta” didn’t necessarily bring anything surprising with it. It was a solid thing that won’t disappoint you at all in any way.
For those readers who desperately need some other Finnish band to compare Karmia to, I’d say 51koodia comes kinda close, but not entirely.
Let’s say Karmia sounds like Karmia. As simple as it is. I don’t like comparisons all too much.

And then we reach the last track of “Tuhka”. It’s “Tunteesta toiseen” and… This just works! It’s on a similar level as “Kirous”, maybe even better. And you know what? Just go and take a listen for yourself. The EP is on Spotify now!




To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised by this band. The music is fun listening to, even though I normally prefer more experimental and progressive stuff. You can hear that the band worked on the songwriting, especially when you compare the English material, for example. The vocal lines would need a tiny bit of work as most of them felt too static and predictable for my taste, but that doesn’t make “Tuhka” less of a solid EP.
Karmia is an interesting choice for every fan of Finnish Rock music who feels like knowing every single band out there already. It might not be innovative, but a good time is guaranteed!


Take a listen: 



Personal favorites:
Tunteesta toiseen

★★★★☆ // GOOD.


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2017.

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