Junior Brielle – Blod (EP)

I went to Stockholm earlier this year to look for inspiration. I’m not sure if I found it, but I definitely found Junior BrielleAn up and coming Pop-duo consisting of brothers David and Gabriel Rödin. They had a live show somewhere in Stockholm the same day I left. Yes, I am a lucky person. Anyway, Junior Brielle have just released their debut EP “Blod” and I am more excited to tell you more about the following six tracks you’re about to hear on this release.

The opener “Forever & Ever” comes around together with a cool 80s-esque vibe that will definitely catch your attention and yes, the chorus will kinda get stuck in your head. This is how you do opening tracks of EPs, ladies and gentlemen. Fun and memorable. That’s all you need for the start.
The next song you’ll find on “Blod” happens to be the very first single of Junior Brielle. It’s “I luften” (Check out the video here) and it was the first song I ever heard by this duo. I am not sure what it is that made this song so appealing – Maybe it’s just the fact that the lyrics are Swedish – but, you know, there’s something strangely magical going on throughout this track and its rather minimalistic approach. The harmonies work, the chorus works, everything works. And it’s beautiful.

I expected pretty much anything from “Dovas“. In fact, I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s be straight. But I didn’t expect it to be this bombastic. Somehow, it made me feel nostalgic. I shouldn’t talk about this track much. I don’t wanna spoil it for you. Because… This track is just something that stands out on its own.
Säg aldrig ditt namn” (Watch the video here, it’s cool!) was released some months ago. Thus, I’m familiar with this single already and you just remember songs that made you fall in love with the sound of an artist. Well, “Säg aldrig ditt namn” is upbeat and powerful in a way, but the underlying melancholy makes this track worthwhile. So far, “Blod” is a hell of a ride.

“Bitch, I’m tired…”

Finally, Junior Brielle manage to surprise with the title-giving track which can be found on the last spot of the tracklist. You will hear a completely different side of the duo’s music. Almost like a rediscovery.
And with this being said, you can be sure that this EP is pretty much one of the coolest things you’ll hear this month/year/whatever.


Take a Listen:


Personal favorites:

Forever & Ever
Säg aldrig ditt namn



This EP is iconic, okay? Junior Brielle deliver some high-quality Synth-Pop with “Blod” that will make anyone fall for the charm of the catchy hooks found within the six tracks. “Blod” is a gem and the world needs more music like this. Or let’s say that the world needs more Junior Brielle. Yeah, that’s more like it.

Note: Basic knowledge of Swedish is optional.

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