Jori Sjöroos knows how to be a sadboi – And that’s OK

Jori Sjöroos released a single. The single’s kinda sad. But kinda cool too. And… I feel you, dude. I really feel you.

Anyone out here who remembers Fu-Tourist and “The Universe Is For Us“-album? It’s a serious hit and I’d blast it every day at work if I could. Mind you, it’s from 2002-ish. And this was only a side-note. Forget about it. Immediately. sadboi” is what the world needs right now. And we need more sadbois like Jori Sjöroos. 

“sadboi” is just as sad as the title already hints. It’s so sad you’ll get bored of the sadness after the second listen, but you’ll start to love it soon after. You’ll embrace it. It’s so sad you’ll start to question your own happiness. You’ll accept your own inner sadboi. You’ll identify with it. It’s strange. But it’s okay. Nobody minds.

The Finnish sadboi is releasing a solo-record in May. We hope it’s at least equally as sad as this single. So go, place your bets! ✖️


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