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Released: 30/09/2016 NOR – Gymnocal Industries

“When Seigmen disbanded in 1999, guitar player Sverre Økshoff continued to explore a diversity of artistic directions. In addition to photography and painting, he also continued making music. And in 2002, he recorded an abstract / ambient album in Dan Heide’s (Zeromancer, Ljungblut) studio.

This was never released, only shared with a select few.
But now the time has come to make this fantastic album heard”

Yes, the time has come and today we’re gonna check out “RATS” by Jared Ambience Inc. – a solo project by Sverre Økshoff from Seigmen.
Do you know what to expect? Keep on reading to find out!

It starts with “The Bulb”. This delicate, yet strong soundscape will introduce you to what “RATS” is all about. It’s mysterious and twisted but hauntingly beautiful at the same time. Just as the next composition entitled “Mute” and its cold and bleak vibe. Do you want to know how absolute darkness sounds like? Well, I bet it sounds a lot like “Mute”.

The Meadow” is a true highlight and that’s all I’m gonna say about it – I don’t want to give it all away, you know. “The Meadow” has something typically Seigmen-ish to it, all layered up to create something unusual. But it’s up to the listener to find the “unusual” thing. Every listener will surely have different opinions here – and that’s one of the things I enjoy the most about music.

Afterwards you get to hear “Aims”. A 14-minute piece which will make you dive even deeper into the atmospheric feel of “RATS”. Maybe it’s just me, but it kinda sounds like depressed Sigur Rós meeting Einstürzende Neubauten in a way. I think I spent too much time with this record.
But anyway, “Closer” is the last thing you’ll hear and here it gets slightly more Industrial. It will bring you closer to the core of “RATS”. It will bring you closer to a brand new perspective on music. If you are brave enough.




Sverre Økshoff described Jared Ambience Inc. to sound “a little bit like Seigmen, only without everything else, without everybody else”. And damn, he was right!
RATS” is a very experimental and daring release. The very first listen you take might be rather underwhelming, but the magic unfolds itself the more you listen to this record. You can spend time with it and it takes quite some time to unravel every little detail – And that’s something I really enjoyed.
It’s authentic.
And it could work well as a movie soundtrack too.

Take A Listen:


Personal favorites:

  • The Bulb
  • The Meadow



Written by Misha Nyman-Sramkova. October 2016.

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