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Released: 23.01.2015 FIN

If you are familiar with Iconcrash, then you can already know what this review is going to be about. The band’s leader Jaani Peuhu released his debut solo album entitled “Tear Catcher” on the 23rd January and here’s our opinion about the album – Yeah, it has a cool cover artwork, that’s something to be sure about.

In the next 53 minutes you can expect a nice mix of Electronic and Synthpop, it all starting with “Lifelines” and all I can say is, that it’s a solid opener. This song isn’t really any song that will amaze you and the musical progression is somewhat obvious.
Together with the title track “Tear Catcher”, “Lifelines” form an awesome introduction to what you’ll hear next.
My Sky”, aka the first single comes up, and its chorus definitely won’t leave you cold. It will occupy your mind for a long time, that’s one thing I can guarantee. And that instrumental background is genius!
Then we have “I Believed”. Another track being catchy as hell.
Well, Jaani is one of those songwriters who is not able to release an album where you could find a song and say “Oh, okay, that wasn’t so great” – You might want to take a listen to “Enochian Devices” by Iconcrash as well if you want to know what I’m talking about.Anyway, next up! Song number 5!
Unspoken Loss”. I think this one might be my absolute favorite song off “Tear Catcher” and one of the songs where I like to say following: Go and listen to it yourself!
Simply said, the middle-part of this album is indeed strong and you really can’t find a song that wouldn’t catch your attention (or tears, in this case), at least a little bit.
Mercy Kiss” and “Maybe God Is Asleep” definitely belong to those tracks as well.

Follow Me” comes up next and is the latest single. Honestly, it’s not that catchy as “My Sky”, for example, but I think the album would feel incomplete without it.
“No regrets, no secrets. No secrets, no promises”
The highlight of “Tear Catcher”? No, I don’t really wanted to say highlight now, but… I guess I can’t say anything different about “No Regrets”, a certain must-hear for everyone!
And now you’re sitting here, finding out there are just two more songs to go… “Tear Catcher” flows by really well, doesn’t it?

Did You Ever?” won’t really blow you away either, but there’s something special about the lyrics. The closing song of “Tear Catcher” called “Desire” is… Somewhat mysterious, somewhat creepy and in the end it leaves you here… Somewhat amazed, somewhat confused… But you then you know that “Desire” was a strong thing and maybe also the best that could happen in “Tear Catcher” with its unexpected turns.


Well, what can I say?
Tear Catcher” definitely belongs to the best albums released in January – the 10 out of 10 rating speaks for itself. There isn’t much I can say about it and musically it has everything an ultragood album should have. It’s an album you should take time for, as it won’t get to you on the first listen, but once it does, you won’t regret it. And that’s a thing I definitely like about albums like “Tear Catcher”.

Take a Listen:

Personal Favorites:

  • I Believed
  • Unspoken Loss
  • Maybe God Is Asleep
  • No Regrets
  • Desire



Written by M. Nyman – February 2015

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