Into The Coldest Ocean – Snowstorm



Released: 04/12/2015 POL

Into The Coldest Ocean is a Melodic Death Metal band from the small town of Jaworki, Poland. Formed in August 2015, the band has released two EPs and we’re going to take a closer look at the latest one which bears the name “Snowstorm”.
Now what can we expect?

The opening track “Cold of Siberia” kicks right in and the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of vocals. Into The Coldest Ocean do the instrumental kind of Melo-Death Metal, which is a very brave step in my opinion. And throughout the EP, you won’t even miss the vocals. Just saying.

Snowstorm” is the next piece you’ll hear and if you’re familiar with the music of Before The Dawn from Finland, then you’ll be able to hear some influences in this one. At least on the first listen.
The more you listen to it, the more it reminds you of Before The Dawn, which is a great thing! I didn’t hear anything which would this close to the sound of that band.

Into The Coldest Ocean will surprise you with “Itkien susi”. There is something magical in the intro and in the build-up that follows. Except the second half of the track ends up being a little bit shallow and not as epic as expected.
But don’t worry! You’ll get your daily dose of epicness on “Eon Of Black Hearts”!
Eon Of Black Hearts” is definitely a track you should consider taking a listen to if you want to get introduced to Into The Coldest Ocean. It pretty much sums up the direction the band is going, which makes it pretty much my number-one recommendation from the “Snowstorm” EP.




Into The Coldest Ocean have potential. They might have just only started out in August of 2015, one should be aware of that, but “Snowstorm” is definitely a nice piece of work.
Lovers of (not only) Finnish melancholic Metal will be surely fond of Into The Coldest Ocean and all I can say is…


Your Dead Partner approves!


Let’s see what the future brings!


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Personal favorites:

  • Snowstorm
  • Eon Of Black Hearts

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