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Released: 23/09/2016 FIN

There’s no need to introduce the Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Insomnium to you. At least we don’t think so. Their seventh studio album “Winter’s Gate” saw its release in September 2016 and do you know what’s awaiting you?
Well, feel free to hang on with us for a while to learn more! It’s gonna be experimental. But don’t we all like experimental things?

Well, the only thing you need to know about “Winter’s Gate” is, that it’s a truly special record. It’s basically a 40-minute-long track divided into seven parts. All of that is telling an epic story too, or something…
Winter’s Gate” will pull you into the depths of its melancholy-ridden and bleak atmosphere during the first twelve minutes. And no matter how experimental und unusual the album concept is, Insomnium are still staying true to their style.

With the third part of “Winter’s Gate”, the whole thing gets mystical and at this point you get more or less forced to keep on listening. You know things are getting exciting and you can feel it too. Beautiful, dark melodies flowing over into explosive, aggressive and almost symphonic elements. “Winter’s Gate, Pt. 4” represents the pinnacle of the opus and hey, you can even hear some clean vocals! It can’t get any more awesome, can it?

The next nine-something minutes after the highlight are here for you to cool down from the tension brought by the first half of the record, Insomnium already slowly working their way towards the end, throwing another handful of gloomy guitar riffs at you. And suddenly you find yourself listening to the final six minutes of “Winter’s Gate”, thinking something like “Where’ve my thoughts been for the last 34 minutes?”. Right. Now we’re asking the real questions here.
It’s over sooner than you can imagine and “Winter’s Gate” is leaving traces.
We’re quite overwhelmed.




Winter’s Gate” makes an impression that Insomnium kinda went outside their musical comfort zone together with this record. “Winter’s Gate” is diverse and there’s a strong and sophisticated concept holding it together. I’d be welcoming more clean vocals, since that’s the thing I liked the most about Insomnium.
But other than that, “Winter’s Gate” is an album that will make you think about the music. It will drag you deeper with every time you listen to it and that’s one of the best things an album can do.


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Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova, September 2016. 

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